You Don’t Need A Stinking Resolution To Become Financially Free. You Just Need What Works, This…

It’s no secret that I don’t like New Year’s resolutions. I think they’re pretty much a waste of time. Here’s why…

Most people make a list of 10 new things that they resolve to do in the coming year. While it’s admirable that a person wants to: get in the best shape of their lives, grow their net worth by 10,000%, open a business, travel to 20 countries and author a best-selling book all within the next 12 months, the reality is that most if not all of those things won’t happen. It’s great to kid ourselves to think that we, like Neo from the Matrix movies, are the chosen one – the one that master 10 things at once. The reality is that most major accomplishments in life are the result of singular, laser focus on achieving that one thing. As the Chinese proverb says, “he who chases two rabbits, catches neither.”

The second thing I dislike about New Year’s resolutions is that they are transactional, not transformational. It’s too easy to look at New Year’s resolutions as a one-off, a check in the box and you’re done sort of thing. The problem with this is that achieving financial freedom is not something you do, it’s something you become.

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You see, to become financially free you don’t need a new resolution, you need a new belief system.

A new way of life. A new way of thinking about money and success that permanently changes your behavior. Not just right now or for the next 12 months, but for every day of your life from now until the day you die.

And that new way of life, the one that will propel you to financial freedom, to wealth and to success not seen in common hours relies entirely on this – insisting on yourself. As I say at the top of my blog – “the key to success is an unwavering sense of who you are, what you are about, and what you will demand of yourself.”

There’s a big difference between setting a New Year’s resolution for something that you should do and demanding yourself to do something extraordinary, because it is who you are, 100% of your DNA, in your soul.

Because when you just want something, if your resolutions are “shouldas” or “ought to’s”, then you’ll most likely pursue them only when it’s convenient. When you demand something of yourself, you will accept no excuses, only results. As Gandhi said, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

I have a strong belief that to achieve something so important and rare as financial freedom, you must have something much stronger than resolutions to push you to the top.

Simply put, a set of resolutions just won’t get the wood chopped. Certainly “wanting” to be financially free will never get you there. Nor will hoping, trying or wishing. They are just not powerful enough emotions.

Nor will just positive words, thoughts, intent, emotion, focus or discipline. Don’t get me wrong, they are all very important and we will be discussing some of them a little later.

You see, these are all what I refer to as the “hows”.

The “hows” are very important, but they are not the most important thing.

What is the most important thing?

The “why” is the most important thing.

You see, you need something internal that absolutely insists that you be financially free.
That something, something only you know, must be at a deep, emotional level inside of you.

Something that burns in your stomach.

Something that possesses you.

As Epictetus said, “First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”

If the financial freedom is what you really need, what you must have, then you will have the will.

And you know that you have the will when…

You’re willing to get out of bed earlier than normal, earlier than most, because you’re possessed by a sense of mission. You will be financially free.

You go the extra mile even though no one is looking because you don’t want to ever take the chance of not showing up when your freedom is at stake. You will be financially free.

You’re not thinking about what new gadget you’re going to buy, how much vacation time you’re going to get this new year, or how to game the system so you can slide by with bad habits and mediocre living for another twelve months. You will be financially free.

You believe so much in what you must do, there isn’t anytime for anything else.

See the difference here?

What you demand of yourself, what you will of yourself is so much better than hopes and dreams. So much more powerful than resolutions. So don’t make New Year’s resolutions. And if you did, throw them away.

Don’t think that another day or another year will magically change the position you’re in right now. To change that, you need something more.

You need will. You need to insist on yourself.

What you will demand of yourself? Is it financial freedom. Then, it’s time to take action.

Time to change. Get started right now. Today.

Will you? If so, it will change everything.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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