Just An Ordinary Guy…Who Did Something Extraordinary

I’m not who you think I am.
I’m just an average guy.
Average height.
Average weight.
Average intelligence.
Average athletic ability.
Below average looks. 🙂

…and an above average sense of humor.

If you do the math and average all the above, you’ll come up with one result – average.

Like I said, I’m average. Vanilla. Ordinary…

However, I have achieved something far from average. Something far from ordinary. Something extra ordinary.

That’s me on the left
There are about one million multi-millionaires on the planet. Given a world population of just over 7 billion people, that means less than one-tenth of one percent of the entire population are multi-millionaires. That’s a tiny group, and I’m in it.

But I wasn’t always in this group. No. You see, I started with nothing and worked my way to wealth. I literally went from zero to multi-millionaire. More about that in a minute…

One way street of helpfulness
Warren Buffett was largely unknown for many years, building a large fortune for himself and his partners out of the spotlight of both Wall and Main streets. That is, until Fortune magazine sent an unsuspecting reporter to sleepy Omaha, Nebraska to interview him. And for the first time, the world was exposed to what would become the greatest investor of all time.

Although a very private person at the time, Buffett was doing something else during those early years besides making his first millions. He was teaching. He taught several investing classes at the University of Omaha and also shared his knowledge with shareholders, friends, and neighbors – anyone who would listen.

Why was a young Buffett, so focused on his early investment partnership, taking time out to teach? I believe it was his way of giving back. You see, Buffett had been on the receiving end of a lot of teaching from gentlemen like Ben Graham and David Dodd, whose lessons became the foundation of his investment and business decisions. Buffett said that meeting both men changed his life forever. Some may say that the investment knowledge these gentlemen gave Buffett was the most important gift they gave to him. But that’s not it.

Buffett had this to say about Ben and Dave:
“Beyond the ideas that Ben and Dave gave me, they showered me with friendship, encouragement, and trust. They cared not a whit for reciprocation – toward a young student, they simply wanted to extend a one-way street of helpfulness. In the end, that’s probably what I admire most about the two men. It was ordained at birth that they would be brilliant; they elected to be generous and kind.”

I too have benefited greatly by those who have been generous and kind with their knowledge and time. Most notably Warren Buffett, who you hear about in many of my blog posts, but also other “giants” such as Jim Rohn, Charlie Munger, Peter Lynch, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and so many others who were kind enough to share with me what they know. No truer words can be spoken about my success than that of Sir Isaac Newton’s – “If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.“

We live in an extraordinary moment, with countless opportunities for people to become financially free, but instead, most people struggle financially.  I aim to fix that.  In my posts, I share what I’ve learned along the way, going from zero to multi-millionaire. I also explain how I did it and why.

My hope is that someone reading my posts can learn and possibly benefit from what I’ve learned. My goal is that this blog be a one way street of helpfulness. If you’re ready to be financially free you’ve come to the right place, as I share everything I know about financial freedom on these pages.

Speaking of sharing, I’m also the founder of the Give Back Promise, where some of the richest people in the world pledge to give the majority of their wealth to charity.  I believe we can all make an impact by sharing what we know and have.

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Enough about me. Thanks for coming to my blog. I hope you find the information here useful on your journey to financial freedom.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.