If You Think Becoming Financially Free Is Impossible, You Just Need Answer The Five “Whys”

Many think that they’re destined to struggle financially forever.

They’re no stranger to reading about how to become wealthy, but getting there seems impossible.

And I’m here to tell you…

Becoming financially free takes work.

Let me be clear.

If you don’t have a reason to do it, a purpose, you won’t do it.


I don’t just mean purpose in the sense that you want to do something. Of course, everyone wants to be wealthy. But you need a purpose that extends past a basic desire.

You might already have a purpose to be financially free, but if you don’t, try running a 5 Whys analysis (otherwise known as root cause analysis).

To do the 5 Whys:

Form a problem statement.

Ask the question: “Why is/are/does [your problem statement]?”. Use your answer as the next problem statement.

Keep asking “why” until you’ve asked it five or more times.

I want to be financially free.

Why do you want to be financially free?

I want more time to do what I want to do.

Why do you want to more time to do what you want to do?

I want to travel the world.

Why do you want to travel the world?

I want to be doing something fun and enlightening with my life, instead of sitting behind a desk all day.

Why do you want to have a life doing fun and enlightening things?

Because it would fulfill me.

In the early stages of building wealth, many people don’t consider what they have to give up. They fail because they’re not willing to give up some of the things they enjoy, like partying all weekend, wasting time on social media, and mindlessly spending money on junk.

If you accept what you lose upfront, you won’t keep trying to hold onto it when it’s gone.

But there’s something better to focus on… what you’ll gain with financial freedom.

You Get To Do What You Want
Being financially free means you get to do whatever you want every day. You can paint, start a business, write — anything you want. Your time is yours. How’s that for freedom?

No More Debt
When you are in debt, it’s hard to imagine not having to worry about it. Won’t there always be credit card loans and outstanding mortgage payments to make? The answer is no – once you are living financially free. When you have debt, at part of your life is going to revolve around doing what you need to do to make those payments. The more debt you have, the more you feel that you have to do certain things. No so when you’re wealthy.

More Security/Less Stress
One of the most basic human needs is the feeling of security. It dictates how we act and the decisions we make every day. Without that feeling, people tend to regress into survival mode, leaving no time to accomplish what they truly want.

This, in turn, ramps up the level of stress in their daily lives.

Imagine how it feels to live paycheck to paycheck, in a serious amount of debt, without knowing if continued changes in the marketplace will mean you have a job in the future. Think about how a job loss would sabotage your ability to take care of your family.

Now, imagine how it would feel if you knew that whether you went to work or not, your family would be taken care of.

Lifting that burden is immensely freeing, and one of the greatest benefits to financial freedom.

Treat Yourself Guilt Free
Sometimes we just need to treat ourselves to something we really want. It could be something simple like a having dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town or could be buying a new car. Being able to do these things with earnings from passive income is a great feeling.

Your Actions Can be More Aligned With Your Values
When you’re stuck in the cycle of paycheck to paycheck, it’s not uncommon to sacrifice what’s most important to make ends meet. Now that you don’t have to work, you can choose to do things more in line with your values. For some, that might mean taking care of those who most need it but may not be able to afford it. Some might open a school for the poor. Some might open and start businesses with social missions in mind.

Either way, once money isn’t the main motivating factor and you don’t have to worry whether you will be able to put food on the table for your family, you can start making choices about how you spend your time–with your values at the forefront.

You’ll Enjoy Better Health.
I’ve already mentioned other ways financially free people feel less stressed. And there are many other ways your health can improve from becoming wealthy. You get to create the foundation that allows you to exercise daily and consume better meals than the fast food junk that’s often consumed when there’s no time. You can rest in and have healthier morning routines. You can also have a greater sense of emotional peace. There’s less anxiety about making money. You’ll be happier and more content overall.

If you think achieving wealth is impossible, maybe your “why” for doing it is not strong enough. Maybe it’s just something you fancy, not a real purpose in your life.

Take some time to think about why this is important to you and your family. Answer these questions and visualize the answers as though they’ve already come true.

How would your life be different if you reached this level of financial freedom?

How would your daily life be in better alignment with what you most value?

How would the relationships within your family develop through this process?

How would it feel to achieve this goal?

How could you create more effective change in the world?

Finally, there is no change without action.

Write down one small thing you can do this week to start moving toward more financial freedom. 

If you’re feeling brave, hold yourself accountable by sharing it with others who are also on the same journey.

Make building wealth your duty. Make it your obligation to you. Focus on the “why”, because that’s what will drive you, not the money. Money is a means to an end. You become financially free for a reason – so that you can be you.  

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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