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Will The Year 2034 Finally Be The Year That Everyone Panics About Their Retirement?

11th September 2021 . 0 Comments

Barring an act of Congress, Social Security will have to cut benefits by 2034. That’s a full year earlier than expected.  The reason? To address the program’s long-running funding shortfall. The Covid-19 pandemic, and resulting recession, sped up the expected depletion rate by a year.  But that’s not the scary part… Social Security provides a […]

Will Your Children Be Worse Off Than You Are Today? They Definitely Will Be If They Do This..

7th August 2021 . 0 Comments

It’s no secret that I love to read. Books and articles about self-improvement, personal finance and investing are some of my favorite topics. Recently, when scanning the financial headlines, one heading in particular jumped out at me. It read… “A majority of Americans think children will be financially worse off than their parents, survey finds”. […]