A Parable About Financial Freedom: If The Circus Were To Come To Town, Would You Eagerly Join It?

The circus pulled into town one bright Spring day.

Truck after truck made its way down Main Street, much to the delight of the kids and adults who lined-up on the sidewalks to welcome the attraction to town.

The caravan eventually made its way to a grassy meadow just west of town, where it was to setup. 

Workers began diligently prepping the tents, booths and living quarters for the circus. They labored all day, hoisting tall poles and driving enormous stakes into the ground with large sledge hammers.

Several people from the town came out to watch the circus being setup and marveled at the complex web of people and machinery needed to assemble everything.

But they weren’t the only ones watching the circus workers.

High on a hill top above the meadow was another observer.

A lion.


Fin the lion had been watching the whole production. He heard the commotion earlier in the day and decided to have a look.

As he sat on the hill, Fin reflected on the wonderful life he has. Years before, he had taken the necessary steps so that he could live life on his terms. He worked hard and saved a good portion of his bounty. He and his family are secure now with no worries. He enjoys the independence to do what he wants with his time. He’s free. Life is great, thought Fin.

After dark, the circus workers retreated to a large cafeteria tent to enjoy a meal and relax from a hard day’s labor setting up the circus.

Curious, Fin decided to come down from the hill and take a closer look.

He walked past the ticket booth, the fun house mirrors and around one side of the big top tent. “That is enormous!”, he thought.

As he made his way to the other side, something stopped Fin in his tracks. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

For what lay directly ahead of Fin were other lions…in small cages.

Fin raced up to the first cage in utter disbelief. 

“Are you OK? How did this happen? What can I do to help free you?”, he asked in rapid-fire format.

“Free us?” replied one of the lions named Jones.

“You shouldn’t try to free us, you should join us. They feed us. They give us a cage to live in. We don’t have to think for ourselves at all. All we have to do is perform tricks, stay in line, and go where they tell us to go”, said Jones.

Fin couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Haven’t you given up your freedom?”, he asked.

“Yes”, replied Jones.  “But we have it made. We even get paid a small salary.”

To which Fin asked, “What do you do with your salary”?

“We spend it on shiny new collars and chains. Sometimes we buy fancier cages that we really can’t afford, especially when we see other circus lions doing the same. We need to keep up with the other circus lions, you know”, replied Jones.

Astonished by this, Fin asked of their children. “And where are your kids? I don’t see them anywhere?”

Jones took a deep breath and replied, “At home. We don’t see our children that much. Just a little time during the evenings. There’s so much work to do here, there really isn’t much time to spend with our kids. But it’s our hope that they grow up and join the circus one day.”

At that point, Jones said, “Why don’t you join us?” I can get the ringleader to open the cage for you?”

To which Fin replied, “Why are you trying to convince me that living in a cage and not for myself freely, is better?”

Jones said nothing.

With that, Fin shook his head and with a twinkle in his eye returned to his hilltop perch.

The circus came and went. As it always does.

After the performances, the circus lions returned to their cages. They’re still there. They’re still unfree. They’re still doing what they’re told.

And what of Fin? He’s still roaming the hills, happily spending time with his family. Enjoying the sun on his back as he plays, travels and explores new and exciting places and things. Fin owns his time. He’s not chained down and expected to perform. Fin is happy and content. Fin is free.

Friends, there’s a reason you came to this blog.

It’s because the idea of being a caged, circus lion disgusts you. You’re cut from a different fabric. Freedom runs thru your veins. Always has.

But that’s where it always be, locked just inside you, unless you take action to realize it.

You were not put on this earth to waste your days underneath fluorescent lights in cubicle hell. You weren’t designed to be startled awake by an alarm clock, just to commute two hours to a job you hate, to work with people you hate even more.

You are here for a purpose. Financial freedom lets you live out your purpose. If you don’t want to wake up one day and realize that you’ve spent your life as a “caged lion”, I challenge you to start taking the steps today to avoid that. The chains of conformity are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be ignored. 

Live below your means. Put money aside to build investment capital. Fifteen percent of your pay. More is better. Learn the principles of sound investing and invest wisely.  Plan and take actions for your early retirement. For when you do, you too will escape the circus and enjoy the free life from atop the hill.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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