You Only Harvest What You Plant. What Seeds Have You Planted?

For a poor kid who grew up working in the soybean fields of Louisiana, it’s ironic that agriculture was never a strong suit. I’ve managed to kill several cacti and “indestructible” plants over the years, and consider myself to have a “black thumb”. 🙂

As we are in the Winter season, it’s a time when many farmers have harvested their crops. In Iowa for example, some farmers begin harvesting corn by mid-September, though most of the harvest takes place in October and November.

Farming works by age-old principles, you reap what you sow. You harvest what you plant. And that’s about as natural as it gets. When you plant an apple seed in the ground, you’ll get an apple tree. You harvest what you plant. Even as this principle works in farming, it also works in our financial lives. Everything that we do is what we are sowing. And while we may not see immediate gains or gratification from our actions, it is true that eventually we will. Sometime in the future, the totality of our actions and words will amount to something.

And what does everyone hope their actions amount to? Everyone hopes for a harvest full of financial prosperity. Maybe you would use a different word than that or add others to the list. The point is, we want to receive a good and positive harvest.

But you can only harvest what you have planted. Only a good tree can bear good fruit, and a bad tree will only produce bad fruit. Knowing what you have planted is key to preparing yourself for the harvest headed your way. And make no mistake about it, a harvest is always headed your way… good or bad.

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The question to you today is this – It is harvest time and your harvest is about to arrive… what have you planted?

If you have planted the seeds of savings, investing and sound money management you will receive a harvest of an increased net worth and progress towards becoming financially free. If your field is full of the seeds of mindless spending, wasting money and not preparing for retirement you should prepare for a very different harvest, a harvest of financial servitude.

How to change your harvest

So, what if you have one of those difficult harvests on the horizon? After honest reflection, you see in your past actions that you’ve planted bad money seeds which will result in bad fruit, what do you do?

After all, your harvest is coming one way or another. You don’t know how close it is, but it’s getting closer. You can’t change the law of sowing and reaping. Is there any chance for you?

The simple answer is, YES!

If you’ve looked over your fields and found rows of rotten and destructive seed, commit today to change your financial life. Regardless of the severity and regularity of your bad seed, you can change your financial destiny and your future financial harvests.

Let me be honest, though, and tell you that planting better financial seeds today does not guarantee a reprieve from the consequences of planting bad money seeds in the past. Some trains are put in motion and cannot be stopped. But what is important is to learn to farm differently.

In order to be financially successful, we have to continually till the soil in our lives and pull the weeds. The normal process for growth involves: planting seeds, fertilizing and watering them, and continually weeding the gardens of our financial lives.

Have you taken the time to prepare your financial garden for growth this coming year? Here’s some tips for reaping financial prosperity at the next harvest time:

1. Remove the trash. Get rid of bad habits that serve as financial blocks or cause detours. These are counter-productive things in that need to be completely removed to allow more success to come into your life. Create an action plan to get rid of one bad financial habit this coming year. Remove the decaying money mindsets that have never born fruit for you. Learn new money habits that you’re proud to own.

2. Fertilize your soil. Now that you’ve removed the trash, it’s time to fertilize the soil. The best way to do that is with financial education. Many people never pickup another book after they leave college. It’s as if they’ve told themselves that they’ve learned everything there is to know by the time they graduate college. That’s a terrible way to go thru life and one that’s sure to cement a person’s status in mediocrity. If you want to stop being a paycheck hostage, you need to learn how people escape the rat race and become financially free. Become a voracious reader of everything you can read about money, success, self-improvement and investing. The education you’ll get from this one action alone will fertilize your soil for a lifetime of wealth. Trust me, I know.

3. Plant the seeds. You won’t get rich from a job. I’ll say that again. You won’t get rich from a job. To get rich, you need to take your earnings from a job or business and invest them. Yes, that means sacrifice as you’ll have to peel off a certain percentage of each check to be designated as investment capital. But know this – investment capital are the seeds of financial freedom. Find a way to save, scrimp and squirrel money away until you have a tidy sum. Be on the lookout for investment opportunities in real estate, stocks and starting your own business. And when the opportunities arise, plant those seeds. Plant those seeds.

4. Continuously pull the weeds. Weeding needs to be done on a routine basis to optimize growth. When we bind with the wrong people, we need to weed and separate ourselves from those negative associations. Don’t allow weeds to grow in your garden. Focus on removing weeds and negative money influences from your life because both can hinder growth and limit your opportunity to succeed. Take the time to weed your garden each season.

Cultivating a garden is similar to cultivating your success. When you invest in your success by removing barriers and creating opportunities, your success will multiply. Apply these four simple steps and watch your personal garden grow.


If you’re thinking is negative, that’s what comes.

Planting fear makes fear the harvest.
Planting laziness makes mediocrity the harvest.
Planting mindless spending makes financial servitude the harvest.


Planting honesty makes honesty the harvest.
Planting humility makes greatness the harvest.
Planting perseverance makes victory the harvest.
Planting hard work makes success the harvest.
Planting patience makes improvement the harvest.


Planting the seeds of self-improvement, saving money and investing makes financial freedom the harvest. So be careful what you plant now, it will determine what you will reap tomorrow.

What are you planting?

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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