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Are You Choosing To Live In Mediocrity? Most People Unknowingly Are, By Doing This One Little Thing…

31st December 2016 . 7 Comments

Is there anyone out there who desperately wants to live a life characterized as “of moderate or low quality?” Anyone? Good. What you just read was Merriam-Webster’s definition of “mediocrity” and unless you’re just a glutton for punishment, there’s no reasonable reason why you would want a life like that for yourself. The good news […]

You Only Harvest What You Plant. What Seeds Have You Planted?

17th December 2016 . 6 Comments

For a poor kid who grew up working in the soybean fields of Louisiana, it’s ironic that agriculture was never a strong suit. I’ve managed to kill several cacti and “indestructible” plants over the years, and consider myself to have a “black thumb”. 🙂 As we are in the Winter season, it’s a time when […]