Revealed: Why Most People Overspend, And What You Can Do To Avoid Becoming An Overspender!

I always hated the term “delayed gratification”.

It literally translates to “postpone your happiness”.


Who wants to do that?

It’s also an oxymoron.


The idea of course is that you delay purchasing something you want, and something that you would receive gratification from now, until a much later date. The presumption being that you would save that money instead, and purchase the item at a later date when you can better afford it. But since there’s no purchase today, there can be no gratification.

And that was always the rub for me.

It assumes that you can only be gratified, or happy, if you’re purchasing something.

I want to state right here, that I love things! I also love fun experiences! Ditto for luxury!

I have tons of cool gadgets. Underwater cameras, titanium phone holders, space age blenders, tablets and laptops. Got ‘em all. And in different colors. I have enough gadgets to make James Bond blush.

I also love the outdoors. To enjoy the outdoors, I’ve equipped myself with all the cool ways to soak it in – a fancy kayak, an even fancier boat, a sick motorcycle and enough hiking and camping gear for two complete moon landings.

And one of my passions is travelling. I’ve traveled all over the world and experienced some of the most extraordinary places on the planet. I don’t skimp when I travel either. No sir. First class flights. Five star hotels. Expensive meals and even more expensive bottles of wine. Mr. Campbell likes to travel in style.

All those things cost money. I purchased them. I’m happy that I did purchase them. But those purchases are not the source of my happiness.

So, what is?

That I’m free to do what I want.

You see, many years ago I made a decision to be financially free. To stop letting others control my time. That decision gave birth to an all important question – how am I going to do it? How is a poor kid from Louisiana going to build the type of wealth that would enable financial freedom?

Maybe you’re wondering the same thing?

Well, I’m here to tell you that building wealth is super simple. It’s as simple as this…

1. Spend less than you make.

2. Take part of that difference and place it into an account labeled “Investment Capital”.

3. Invest that investment capital wisely into wealth building assets such as real estate, stocks and/or a business.

4. Watch your net worth grow!

Boom! That’s it. Super simple.

So, why don’t more people do it? Good question. Here’s an even better question – Why do most not do it? And here’s the answer…

They’re sad. Most people overspend for the same reason they overeat – they’re unhappy. And they’re trying to fix that unhappiness with something they think will make them happy, albeit temporarily. So, they binge. And binge some more. And all that spending gets them further behind financially until their completely stuck – the very recipe for even more unhappiness. Rinse and repeat.

My advice?

Learn to be happy about the right things. Swap out what makes you happy for something healthier than what the mediocre majority use to be happy. Once you do, you’ll see that you’re not delaying happiness at all. Just the opposite!

One of the best things I ever did was to cultivate a genuine happiness for seeing my net worth grow. To this day, I still get a kick out of watching it grow! It’s so much fun to see the numbers increase on the bank statement. It puts a giant smile on my face. Yipee!

You see, when you’re building wealth with the goal to become financially free, there’s no such thing as delayed gratification. You’re not postponing happiness. Hell, you’re building more happiness! You’re literally making deposits into your happiness account.

Friends, don’t take your cues in life from the general public. Most of them have it all wrong. Is it any wonder that so many of them are depressed?

Take some time to yourself and really think about what makes you unhappy. When you do, you’ll discover what many wealthy people did years ago.

Unhappiness comes from things like…

-Being a paycheck hostage.

-From constantly fighting with your spouse about a lack of money.

-From being jolted awake by an alarm clock to join thousands in commute hell, just to get to a job that you hate with co-workers and a boss you hate even more.

-From the indignity of being given your opinion on a daily basis and having to ask for permission to take vacation just to be with your family.

-From realizing you’ve spent the bulk of your life at a job and not with the ones you love.

-From the constant worry of losing your job due to downsizing.

-From the all the nights spent away from your loved ones, spent at some crappy “budget” hotel eating some crappier meal that will fit inside the tiny per-diem meal allowance the company forbids you to exceed.

Want to know the secret to happiness? It’s this – you get to choose what makes you happy. Choose to be happy about a surging bank balance. Get giddy when those extra commas are added to your net worth. Admire your investment portfolio with a big smile on your face, because you know something…

That growing bank account is your ticket. It’s your ticket to financial freedom. That’s definitely something to be happy about!

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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