No, Growing Up Poor Is Not The Thief Of The Good Life. But Since You’re Asking, It’s This…

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I wasn’t born wealthy.

Far from it.

I grew up poor.

Three kids to one bedroom type of poor.

Neither parent finished high school type of poor.

Nobody (before me) in my family had ever went to college, type of poor.

Hardly a “hot out the gates” start in life.

And you know what? None of that’s important.


You see, where you start in life is inconsequential to success.

But maybe you’ve heard otherwise? Maybe you’ve heard some of the horrible philosophies out there regarding success and circumstances.

Such as…

Hardship is the biggest threat to success.


A difficult beginning makes it near impossible to have a good life.

That’s all wrong. Dead wrong.

You see, the biggest threat to success is not where you started in life. Nope.

The biggest threat to success is apathy.

That’s right.

And what then is the thief of a good life? I can tell you that it’s not the home address when you were a kid. No sir.

It’s this – comfort seeking.

And while we’re at, it let me tell you that growing up in the poor part of town is not responsible for breaking men and women down.

What is, you ask?

Status quo thinking.

And lives of regret?

No, the desperate financial circumstances that some people are born into is not the guilty party for that either.

What is?

The insidious habit of quitting.

My friends, one of the beautiful aspects of financial success is that it’s agnostic. It’s doesn’t care what your last name is. Sure, some are born into wealth and have a head start, but that doesn’t mean that wealth is exclusive to them.

Here’s proof…

The vast majority, thousands upon thousands, of millionaires in this country are self-made. That’s right. They came from nowhere, started with absolutely nothing, and then proceeded to build the wealth they now enjoy.

And what of billionaires? The same. That’s right. The Wall Street Journal reports that 62% of the country’s billionaires made their fortunes themselves. Gates. Buffett. Ellison. All self-made.

That may be troubling for some to hear. Many want to believe that success is based on some ovarian lottery. That way, they can self-victimize and give up without the guilt. So they think.

But history proves otherwise. The facts don’t lie. Most of the wealthy in this country are self-made. Let me repeat that – most of the wealthy in this country are self-made.

Wealth is the great equalizer. It allows the poor kid to leapfrog the rich kid and trust fund baby.

My advice for those worried about not being born into wealth?

Don’t focus on where you started. It’s not important at all. Leave the study of family history to the genealogists and librarians.

Let ordinary people focus on their circumstances.

Let ordinary people focus on their shortcomings.

Let ordinary people focus on the fact that they weren’t born on the same playing field as others.

Let ordinary people worry that things didn’t come as easy for them.

All those concerns, all those worries are this – the diet of the mediocre.

Reject it.

In it’s place, I encourage you to adopt a different idea – the self-made philosophy.

Having a self-made philosophy upgrades the silly theories about wealth building to actionable plans that will take you were you need to be.

Having a self-made philosophy positions you to understand that achievement is designed, implemented and executed by your own desires and efforts.

Having a self-made philosophy is an attitude that pushes you to think bigger and to stop feeling victimized.

Having a self-made philosophy strengthens you because you are taking power into your own hands, with the key understanding that no one else is going to do it for you.

Remember friends, the vast majority of the ones who succeed in life weren’t handed a golden ticket; it wasn’t chance that helped them cultivate their fortune. It was their beliefs and actions.

The starting place for wealth is inside you, not where you were born.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

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