Ever Wish You Could Have A “Do-Over” For Your Past Financial Mistakes. You Can. Here You Go…

It’s easy to spend energy primarily on today’s immediate concerns. Yet without a clear-eyed assessment of the present and the future you can end up with a future you really don’t want.

So, what’s a freedom fighter supposed to do?

Simple. Modify your identity.


Say what?

You see, change means reinvention. You have to choose who you want to become or risk never reaching your full potential.

I’ve reinvented myself several times in my life. That’s right. Most successful people I know have done this as well.

And the opposite is true.

From my observations, those who struggle in life also seem to be the same people who refuse to reinvent themselves. And most of the time it’s because of this silly reason…



To change, you must first realize that what you’ve been doing isn’t working. But so many people are simply not ready to accept that what they’ve been doing is wrong.

I’ve read that many people in abusive relationships will stay in those relationships for no other reason than to avoid having to admit that they made a mistake in choosing their spouse.

That’s incredible! They would rather suffer than admit they’ve made a mistake.

Know this: Before you can reinvent yourself, you have to know who you currently are. That means understanding your strengths and weaknesses. The good and the bad.

And here’s the other thing about reinvention…

You shouldn’t wait until there’s an immediate need for it in your life.

Overcoming great financial hardship, divorce, a new job, failing business, and bankruptcy can all facilitate swift change in one’s mindset but the real growth happens when you reinvent yourself proactively.

How do you know if you need to reinvent yourself now before it’s too late? Project yourself deep into the future and ask: What will I regret not having done financially?” Then work backward to avoid that end. Use that as a way of saying, “If I don’t change course, I’m going to have a life I’ll regret. Let me change now, for the better.”

Envision the new you. See in your mind how you want your friends, family and associates to react to the new you.

Also, sell you on the New YOU. Change your inner dialogue. Talk to yourself in the most positive manner. Never put yourself down. Always encourage.

Sit quietly, close your eyes, and imagine the people, places, or situations that you need to leave behind. Now, imagine the future that you want. Imagine how it will feel to be in that new place. Picture the sun coming up behind your future, the warm glow of the light on your face.

Next, write a brief 60-second commercial on who you are becoming, the new you that you are inventing. Open this monologue with a power statement and be sure and showcase all of your strengths. Now in private, deliver this speech to yourself with passion and confidence. Repetition will facilitate a quicker change. Remember, the greatest sales job is selling you on you.

Each time you find yourself slipping into old habits—making excuses not to save or invest, procrastinating on a task that might help you advance —don’t bother wondering why you’re doing it or beating yourself up.

Just ask yourself this: “What can I do in this moment to reinvent myself?”

Then, no matter what you feel in the moment—tired, lazy, or disappointed—do something to maintain momentum, even if it’s one small thing. There’s an old adage that says that true courage isn’t about not feeling fear; it’s about feeling fear and acting anyway.

Don’t be afraid to abandon the old you many times in life. Choose courage instead of letting your fear choose your future for you.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

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