Christmas In July? Yep. Here’s The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself, Anytime Of The Year!

Monty Campbell Financial Freedom

Tired of being jolted awake at 5:30am by an alarm clock, fighting traffic for over an hour, just to get to a job that you hate and then spend your days making someone else rich?

Sick of having to face Draconian corporate world crap such as layoffs, silly popularity contests, musical chairs, insane office politics and watching people kiss ass?


How about those for some real-world, brunt questions to start the day? 🙂

We tend to think of the holidays as a time of gift giving. While that’s the “normal” time to give presents, there’s a gift you can (and should) give yourself at any time. In fact, the sooner the better.

You see, many people are beaten down. They’re down trodden. They get jolted awake by an alarm clock most mornings, to hurry off to a job they hate. They work with stupid people they can’t stand and an even more stupid boss.

They’re tired of being herded like cows into silly corporate training programs, complete with bland catered sandwiches. They’re fed up with brainless meetings, office jerks and the mind-numbing commutes.

They’re sick of the insane corporate politics and watching their friends have to kiss someone’s rear-end just to try to get ahead. They feel like a child because they are only “allowed” to take two weeks of vacation each year. They’re also shell shocked from all the reorganizations and layoffs that seem to never end.

Even more importantly, they hate the time away from home, from their children, on those tedious business trips, staying at those sketchy “budget” hotels due to cutbacks at the office.

In short, they’re tired of being a hostage. A paycheck hostage.

And if the above paragraphs characterize your current life, then the best gift you can give yourself today is this – financial freedom.

You see, the most important gift of all is to be free of a life constrained by financial pressure. When you have enough income from your investments, you’re not dependent upon trading your time for dollars. What you do with your time becomes your choice.

And you don’t have to wait for the holidays to give it to yourself. In fact, you can gift it to yourself today by doing this…

Making a commitment to do it.

A resolve to stop living the way you don’t want to. A demand that you make upon yourself to be free.

I started this blog years ago out of a passion to help people get on with their lives. Not because budgets and saving money are super fun and exciting, but because of this – There is nothing more satisfying to me than showing someone how to give each dollar a purpose, and seeing the light come on as they start moving in the right direction. I have hundreds of emails and testimonies from those who are saving more, hitting financial goals sooner than they ever imagined, and have had the money burden lifted that weighed them down for so many years.

The fact that you’re here seeking financial education and a way out, means you have already taken your first step toward financial freedom. You should stand up and pat yourself on the back that you care enough about yourself, your family and your life to get your money right. You’ve given yourself a great gift already, the gift of deciding to break away from mediocrity. You’ve committed to change your life and now you need to do this…

Don’t break that commitment.

Most of us do keep our word to others, or at least try to. And of course being trustworthy is critical to your success. But what about the promises and pacts you make with yourself? Most people are far more likely to break agreements with themselves than they are with others. Yet since becoming financially free requires a dramatic change in both mindset and habits, you won’t get far if you keep letting yourself off the hook.

It’s easy to justify breaking an agreement with yourself because no one will ever know. Sometimes we even do it unconsciously. But make no mistake: Your private decision has consequences for both your future and your family’s future.

Breaking any kind of commitment—even those that may seem insignificant—hurts us because our subconscious gets accustomed to finding an “escape route”. Then, when we want to make a big change in our lives, our subconscious simply doesn’t believe us. It will actually work against our success. So when you don’t do what you say you are going to do, you are actually giving yourself permission to falter, to quit, and to fail.

So take action now right now towards financial freedom. Don’t wait until the holidays to gift this to yourself.

“I’d like to build my wealth”.

“I want to start my own business”.

“It would be great to be in firm control of my financial future”.

These are all nice, positive thoughts, but when they’re not paired with action, they are nothing but daydreams. Only action—not plans, not goals, and not ambition—gets results. Every day that you don’t take a concrete step forward towards financial freedom is another day of the status quo, another day of accepting a mediocre, hum-drum life. Another day of being a paycheck hostage, so drearily described above.

Life rewards action. And yet, most people just keep going through their daily motions, procrastinating, thinking their ideas to death, and never moving forward on them. Every morning, ask yourself this question…

What action can I take today to move toward my dream of financial independence and self-reliance?

Then do it, for your own sake and for the sake of your family. Otherwise, one day you’ll look back at your life and realize that while you had good intentions, you did not get there.

Most people will put detailed effort into planning everything from their vacation schedule to their Christmas gift lists, but fewer than one third ever plan their financial future. Life is really just a series of choices….

You decide whether to watch TV this weekend or spend that time on your financial freedom action plan.

You decide whether to take the self-improvement class or waste that time on social media.

You decide whether to save for the future or spend it all now on more crap you don’t need.

Most people take the path of least resistance and just go with the herd. Sadly, the majority of people visiting this blog for the first time will do that very thing. They’ll read a post like this and say, “Meh, that’s interesting and all but I’ll just have to get to that later”.

But there are a few who don’t.

There are a few who wanted, demanded even, control over their lives. They know that “get to that later” means “get to that never”.

So, they took action. The committed. And they stayed committed until they got what they wanted – rich, full lives that are truly worth living.

They’re the ones who gave themselves the best gift – the gift of financial freedom. Will you?

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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Monty Campbell financial freedom


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