Why Aren’t More People Financially Free? Because They Choose To Belong To An “Easy Crowd”

Boy, I’ve made some people mad.

Friends, family, friends of family, exes, former colleagues…many are jilted. They got very mad when I did this – cut ties with them

I didn’t set out to anger them. I didn’t offend them intentionally. Nope.

It’s a consequence.


A consequence of success.

That’s right. On the journey to success you will alienate people. That’s completely natural. And good as well…

That’s right. It’s good to lose people. The wrong people. 

That’s because of this fact – on the road to success, you are becoming. A few people you know will want to become as well. However, most will not. Many friends and family will want to stay the same. And here’s the other thing – they’ll resent you for not wanting to stay the same.

Which brings up the age-old fork in the road…

To stay with people that have chosen to stay stuck in mediocrity or to move on, so that you don’t.

The main factor in you becoming successful is your attitude. You probably have friends and family who don’t support your dreams of financial freedom and have no qualms about telling you.

Tell me this…

How are you going to fully, and I mean fully, commit to your dreams of financial independence if you have people telling you that you can’t accomplish them?

It would be hard to do so. A positive attitude is nowhere near as contagious as a negative attitude and that’s why you have to be very careful with the things and people you allow into your mind.

Many try to straddle the fence here. They fool themselves into thinking they can stay anchored to toxic relationships and simultaneously grow in a different direction. As they say, if you lie with the pigs you’re going to get dirty.

My advice is to take a stand. Decide what, and who, you will accept in your life and let those standards be the deciding line of who is allowed into your life.

Success is not a popularity contest.

Show me a person who is liked by everyone and I’ll show you someone who stands for nothing.

You see, I would rather others think less of me for parting ways with them, than me think less of myself for not living my standards.

I’ve got news for those who struggle with disassociating with toxic people – The length of time you’ve been friends with someone does not correlate with the strength and value of your friendship with that person today. What’s important is how the relationship is making an impact on you–not when you were twenty years old.

The same goes for family. Just because you share DNA and many years together doesn’t mean the relationship is good for you. Many will find this hard to swallow. Yet, I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen live in misery because the very people that are making them miserable, are family.

That’s no way to live my friends.

My advice?

Have the courage to go the other way and cut ties with losers.

As Jim Rohn said, “Don’t belong to an easy crowd. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform and achieve are high.”

Do an emotional gut check next time you’re with friends, family and both personal and professional relationships. Are you irritated, frustrated and generally brought down by their presence? These red flags can signal it’s a good idea draw the relationship to a close.

Letting a broken relationship fade away if it’s not functional or uplifting anymore is not only okay–it’s essential to your long-term health and happiness.

Do what is right in your life, not what you think will “keep the peace”. Because here’s the truth – there is no peace in a toxic relationship.

Make new friends that are better. Form a new family that is better. Forge better personal and professional relationships with people that are positive and success minded and want to see you grow. Keep the right company and you’ll be right. And don’t worry, plenty of people like you when you’re successful. 

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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