Here’s Why “Go To College And Get A Good Job” Is Advice For Those Who Just Want To Get By In Life

You’re probably reading this right after you’ve slogged thru another work week.

Working at a job you literally hate.

You don’t want to be there. You never did. But there you are.

And it’s really not “you” at that job. It’s just some imposter. Some alternate version of you that you created…to conform.

You don’t dress at the job the way you do in “real life”. You certainly don’t talk the same way outside of work, with all the corporate gobbledygook coming out of your mouth about paradigm shifts, best practices and joining a tiger team.

You don’t even recognize yourself any more.

How did you get trapped here?


Your parents probably encouraged you go to college so that you can get a good job. That’s not bad advice. In fact that’s decent advice. But here’s the thing…it’s not great advice.

Because that’s typically where the typical parental advice ends…get a good job.

A good job will offer good pay. That good pay will allow you to buy a car, a house and start a family. And if there’s a little leftover, you can take a low cost vacation during the two weeks of your time that the company begrudgingly gives back to you.

But you soon come to realize that the good job comes with some soul-crushing aspects – brown nosing, political correctness, having your opinions handed to you, layoffs, restructuring, idiot bosses and late nights and crappy business trips that keep you away from your family.

You have dreams of a better life…travelling the world, being present as your children grow up, living stress-free and being in control of your time.

You realize that the “get a good job” advice your parents gave you is good direction… if you just want to get by. But it’s not advice for getting ahead.

And “getting by” isn’t how you want to spend your life. Getting by means being captive. That’s not for you. You want to be free.

Thoughts of an escape start to haunt your mind.

But how?

How do you leave the corporate life and retire early so that you can live the good life?

There’s the bills to pay, tuition to fund and the mortgage to pay off.

How does one even get started?

The answer is the same for every revolution’s beginning…

A passionate rejection of the current status.

You see, you don’t get in life what you’d like to have. Or what you think you should get. Or what you dream about.

What you get in life is what you tolerate.

Where you are right now is a result of what you’ve settled for.

You live in a house in the suburbs because you won’t tolerate being homeless. You drive a decent car because you won’t settle for riding the city bus everywhere. You’ve set a bar for your life and guess what? You live at right at that bar.

Which brings up the question…

What would happen if you raised the bar?

The answer to that is simple – your standard of life would be raised as well.

Yes, it’s that simple. I didn’t say it was easy but it is simple.

If you want a better life, one where your time is your own, you’ll have to demand it of yourself. You’ll have to raise the bar on yourself. 

Because here’s the thing…

There’s never been an easier time in our history to coast, to just get by. Rising economic standards the world-over make it super easy to drift, which is what most people settle for. Is it any surprise then, that we have a 99% and a 1%?

Which is exactly why you have to rise up and make financial success your duty. The seductive quicksand of mediocrity will pull you in, if you don’t do something about it. You must reject it. 

And here’s the good news…

There are more millionaires and multi-millionaires being created today than ever before, and at a pace never before seen in recorded history. That’s right, with so many deciding to imprison themselves to a life of struggle, it’s never been easier to do just the opposite.

And that’s the question for you today; it’s not enough to be different from the average…will you be opposite

Will you ignore the siren call of consumerism that beckons you to blow your entire paycheck, and designate a portion of your salary for investment instead?

Will you cast aside the habit of wasting mindless hours on social media and use that time to read self-improvement books instead?

Will you reject the mediocre’s beloved ideas of comfort, victimization and entitlement and forge the philosophies of the successful instead?

Financial freedom has always been a choice. It all comes down to you and what you’ll tolerate. Will you settle for the life of just getting by or raise the bar to be someone who gets ahead? 

What’s your choice today?

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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