When People Say Crazy Things About Money, It’s Because They Haven’t Met This Important Person

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People say the craziest things about money and personal finance.

Things like…

“I’d be bored if I retired early.”
“I won’t need as much money in retirement as I do now.”
“I like to work, so I just plan to keep on working in my eighties and nineties.”

When I hear statements like this, I always come to the same conclusion:

These people haven’t met their future selves.


They’re living in the present self and making the dangerous assumption that their future desires, wants and needs will be the same as they are now.

Question – Think back just 10 years ago. Are you the same person now that you were then? Same philosophies? Same ideologies? Same everything? An exact clone? Of course not. Experiences, culture and time changes everyone.

In my experience though, there’s a group of people who don’t want things to change in the future. They’re the mediocre.

You see, they’re actually frightened by the future. Their lives are centered around fear. They see the financial present as scary and the financial future as even scarier.

So, it’s no surprise that if you ask them to visualize the future you’ll just get a blank stare back, or worse, they’ll just say the future will be the same as today. They view life as a “chore” and something they have to “get through” somehow.

These people actually hate the present, so you’d think they’d be open minded to a different future. But alas, they’d rather stay stuck in a misery they know and understand than run the risk of participating in future they don’t.

Time Travel

Friends, we all have a tendency to visit the past. There’s nothing wrong with thinking about the past and looking at our mistakes so that we can learn from them. That’s healthy.

There’s also nothing wrong with mindfully living in the moment. Kick up your heels. Have fun. Buy cool things. That’s healthy too!

What’s not healthy is staying stuck in the past or the present. This doesn’t help your future self.

Taking a realistic look at the future can be painful. How will you cover rising health care costs? Were will you live? How much money will you need to have put away for an enjoyable retirement? Serious stuff indeed. Not to mention the other “fun” things you have to contemplate as you get older – wrinkles, gray hair and colonoscopies. LOL.

But those seeking to be financially free in the future must envision their future. You must. For when you do, you get to meet your future self. You get to experience the person you desire yourself to be in the future.

Push Or Pull?

And when you do this in a healthy, positive way, you create a “pull” effect from the future self. The future self that you imagine and desire to be.

You see, you’re heading somewhere. Everyone is. It’s different from where you are now. It’s inevitable. You can’t stop it.

So, the question is this – will you be pushed into that future somewhere, or will you be pulled into it?

Will you be pushed into that nursing home, having regret for a life only partially lived? Will you be angry and disappointed that you didn’t do more today to prepare for a better life in the future? Will you be pushed to choose between bad and worse options for health care, food, entertainment and housing?

Or will you be pulled?

Will you be pulled into the future self of your dreams? The one you envisioned when you were younger that embodies a happy, fulfilled retirement? Will you travel the world and experience the good life with the long term benefits you built for yourself? Will you use your financial status to build schools for poor children in 3rd world countries? Maybe you’ll do it all, while also spoiling your grandchildren?

Summons The Future You

Here’s some good questions to ask yourself, to summons the future you…

“At what age do I want to retire?”

Are you in your thirties or forties? Are you young and full of energy? Put a note on the calendar for the time frame you expect to retire. Imagine yourself retiring young in glorious Technicolor detail. Visualize it. Do you see yourself there?

“Where do I want to be financially when I retire?”

How much money will you have in your bank account? What type of assets will you have accumulated?  What type of house do you want to be living in? Visualize it. Do you see yourself there?

“What do I want to be doing when I retire?”

What type of activities do you want to be doing? The beach? Philanthropy? Sailing? Painting? Travelling the world? All of it? Visualize it. Do you see yourself there?

When you’ve answered those questions, then ask yourself these important questions…

“What do I need to achieve in the next 1, 3 and 5 years in order to make that vision of a future self a reality?”

“What do I need to do this month to start down the path to that future self?”

“What do I need to do this week to enable that transformation?”

“What do I need to do today to start this process?

Friends, years from now you’ll meet the future you. When you do, you’ll have one of three opinions at what you see:

  1. Ashamed by what you see. The lack of financial progress. The struggling. The disappointment. The bitterness of a person who fell behind financially.
  2. Apathy by what you see. An exact clone of who you are today. Nothing has changed over the years. You haven’t gotten behind financially but you have gotten ahead either.
  3. Elated by what you see. A happier and wealthier version of you. One that is financially independent. Care free. Enjoying life.

Which of these versions of you will you see? Meet the future you. Embrace the changes you need to make today to become that person in the future. Be elated by what you’ll become.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

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