Time For A Change: Can Home Location Actually Impede Your Ability To Achieve Financial Freedom?

People say the craziest things.

I’ve gotten a chuckle out of some recent news interviews I’ve read.

When there’s been evidence of a crime having been committed, this little gem of a statement seems to be rolling off of many people’s tongues nowadays…

“They must not be from here, because nobody from (insert state here) would ever do that”.

It’s as if they’re saying that their state’s crime is imported, as if none of the state’s own residents are capable of bad behavior.



So, what’s going on here?

It’s the concept of anchoring.

Of mooring ourselves to some thing and some place. And if it’s our place, how can anything about it be bad? After all, we decided to anchor there.

Our minds crave anchors.

What’s one the first thing you do when you move to a new state or city? You adopt that city or state’s major sports teams as your own!

And your previous state’s sports team? They’re last week’s leftovers.

All of a sudden you’re a diehard fan of your local sports team. You want to belong. You want to put down roots. You want to anchor there.

When you visit a friend’s hometown or college town with them, what’s the first thing they do?

They drive you to all their old stomping grounds – their old high school, the parking lot where they learned to drive and the apartment they rented in college.

They want to show you their anchors.

Ever notice how an old song will bring back memories? Maybe it was the song playing on the radio when you had your first kiss. Maybe it’s from an era that correlates to a particular fun part of your life.


The second biggest anchor we have is where we live. Our homes tend to tie us to local relationships, opportunities and ideologies. Is it any wonder that most states have a specific political slant? Birds of a feather flock together.


And while putting down roots in a community and having a sense of nostalgia for days gone by can be good things, it’s the biggest anchor of them all that tends to trip people up in life…

The anchors in our minds.

One of the most common emotions one receives after cleaning out their garage or closets is relief. They’ve kept a lot of stuff that was unexamined and unneeded, just because they had some affinity to it and didn’t want to de-anchor from it. When they finally let go of the irrelevant and useless objects tying them to their past, they experience lightness, ease and comfort.

Which brings me to ask…

What anchors might you be carrying around from your past, that weigh you down today?

Is it old habits about money that were given to you by well-meaning, but misguided parents?

Is it easily disproven ideas and crutch phrases about a lack of success that serve as convenient excuses?

Is it a fear of the unknown that keeps you tied to an unhealthy relationship?

You’ve undoubtedly heard this phrase – The past holds us back.

That’s not true.

It is not what has happened to us that holds us back it is our attachment to past events that is the trouble. This attachment is just like the chain on an anchor that is wedged into where we have been and what impedes our ability to change and move forward. 

People resist change for good reason: change is uncertain, change is threatening and, when push comes to shove, we’re invested in the present. Once we nest into a role, we build our castles: our physical spaces, our habits and routines, our relationships of knowledge and convenience. Change threatens all that.

But know this my friends – to get to a new you, one of experiencing the joys of financial freedom, requires an investment.

And I’m not taking about a monetary investment in stocks or real estate.

To achieve financial freedom, you must make an investment in the future.

Your future.

That requires you to untether from the things, experiences, places and people that aren’t serving you, so that you have the time, energy and resources to invest in their opposite.

Unsuccessful people chain themselves to their past, with statements such as “That’s just the way I am”. That keeps them stuck. Anchored in mediocrity. 

Successful people make their past their platform, not an anchor. They learn from their mistakes, cut ties with it and move forward. They know that it takes a lot more effort to keep an anchor than to drop it.

Take stock of what your current anchors are today. Are they keeping you tied to the past or helping you invest in the future? If not, change something. Change your attitude. Change your location. Change your philosophies. Change your relationships.


For when you do, you’ll see a change in you. When you change, things will change for you. You’ll make a change in direction towards financial freedom and success.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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