Not Hungry: While The Mediocre Play With Their Phones, The Successful Prepare For A Feast

Like a man craves and thirsts for water in the hottest desert, so must you crave success if you are to achieve it.

When you choose and decide what your true goals and dreams are in life, you will know when they are your true hearts desire.



You will feel a burning desire, a hunger, a calling from deep inside of you.

We don’t usually don’t associate hunger pains with something good. I know that when I get hungry, I’m not happy. In fact, I get very quiet when I’m hungry. It’s probably because my tired brain is trying to conserve energy and shuts my mouth down. LOL.

But there is a benefit that arises from being hungry. You see, hunger inspires a search. It initiates the hunt. It releases motivators. It births inspiration. It invites creativity, and it provokes innovation.

None of us like hunger pangs, but the very fact that we’re hungry – for whatever reason – stirs us into action. There is an inbuilt mechanism that is set in motion to solve the problem, overcome the challenge, or climb the mountain that stands before us. We want to cure that hunger.

It’s mid July and that means professional football is right around the corner.  Dozens of teams will be competing in games each week in hopes of getting to the Super Bowl and to ultimately win the championship. Imagine if you will, that money is like one of these games and that financial freedom is the championship game.

Furthermore, imagine that you have the task to select the players that will play in the big game. What would you look for in the players?

I can tell you what I would look for, and more importantly, what I wouldn’t look for. I wouldn’t look to see who was the luckiest, or the smartest or even the most talented. The first thing I looked for is hunger. Without this key success component, none of the aforementioned skills matter.

You see, the person who succeeds is the one who has a chip on his/her shoulder. You heard that right. What’s needed is a constructive axe to grind, not a negative attitude, but rather the feeling that they have something to prove. They have to be hungry to prove other people wrong who told them that they’re too poor, not talented enough, or that they didn’t come from the right type of family to be successful.

And the whole idea of someone like this is what? To appease their hunger. You see, human beings can create themselves to be whatever is required to appease their hunger – rich man, poor man, beggar man, or even a thief. Are not all of those the result of choices we make in hopes of satisfying our appetite?

We are born with passion for self-gratification. It’s that passion that has motivated us to crawl out of caves, build skyscrapers and walk on the moon. We yearn for higher and higher levels of experiences. Desire to fulfill our hunger is the energy that drives us upward.

It was hunger to excel that caused Roger Banister to proclaim, “I am going to run a mile in under four minutes.” He wouldn’t stop until his appetite was satiated.

It was hunger to explore that caused President Kennedy to say, “We are going to put a man on the moon in the next decade.” The United States wouldn’t stop until the flag was firmly planted on the moon.

It was hunger that propelled Henry Ford to invent a horseless buggy. Today we have the modern automobile because he had an appetite to invent.

It was hunger, deep hunger, that pushed a deaf, dumb and blind Helen Keller to get a college degree and become a world famous orator and author.

And yes, it was hunger that drove a poor kid from the soybean fields of Louisiana to transcend the life of poverty all around him, to push himself to succeed, and to achieve financial freedom.

You see, hunger does the following things for us when it comes to success:

1. Hunger eliminates failure as an option. When you’re hungry you go all in and push yourself further than you’ve ever gone. There is no plan B. Hunger pushes you to make plan A work.

2. Hunger drives improvement. When you’re hungry, “good enough” isn’t. When you’re not, good enough always is. Hunger gnaws at you until you feed it.

3. Hunger fuels solutions. When you’re hungry enough, you’ll either find a way or make one. When you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.

4. Hunger opens eyes. The hungry have their eyes open to identify a small window of opportunity and turn it into a gaping hole. Hunger sharpens the focus and makes you aware of opportunities and events that can help you to exceed.

So the question for today is this – what dream are you clinging to, but one which you’ve not developed a deep hunger for?

What dream have you not yet declared as actual and true for you, just because you don’t want it bad enough?

When will you use your gifts to make fantasy fact? Doing that is the secret to success. And you do that by getting hungry, concentrating your attention on your vision until achieving what you want is as necessary as eating. Be starving for success. Crave it and you’ll achieve it.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

P.S. Why aren’t you wealthy yet? It’s because of something you don’t know. Otherwise you’d already be rich. Isn’t it time to learn what you don’t know? Consider signing-up for my newsletter below, to help you build wealth faster.

P.S. Why aren’t you wealthy yet? It’s because of something you don’t know. Otherwise you’d already be rich. Isn’t it time to learn what you don’t know? Consider signing-up for my newsletter below, to help you build wealth faster.

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