In A Brand New Article, Warren Buffett Once Again Shuts Down All The Stupid Talking Heads On TV!

It’s tough out there for many.

Although America’s economy has rebounded mightily from the depths of the largest recession in a generation, there are still many that are not participating in the good times.  Many are struggling, hurting even.

And I’m not talking about the poor.



I’m referring to the group formerly known as the middle class.

It used to be that the middle class could get ahead. Maybe they weren’t making a top-tier income, but hey, they made a good income. They paid the mortgage, put the kids through school and were able to retire in their mid-sixties. People from all walks of life felt they were doing good – the plumber, the bakery chef and the real estate agent  – all were optimistic.

And now they aren’t.

With rather meek income increases over the past few decades, the rising cost of healthcare, record-breaking student loan debt, and increasing housing costs, the average American has fallen behind. With rising costs, that anemic 3% “merit” increase at the end of the year just doesn’t make a sizable difference in disposable income for many people, if any at all.

This has given rise to a sea-change in economic demographics. The rich have become richer at a faster pace than ever before, creating a large gap between the “have’s” and the “have not’s”. Indeed, income inequality remains stark in America as the rich continue to build more wealth and the country’s other earners become worse off.

The Middle Class Has Combined With The Poor Class

According to Pew Research Center data, the middle class population has been declining for four decades. In my opinion, the middle class and poor class have essentially combined.  I believe this fact alone has created the largest amount of grief in the group formerly known as the middle class. Thinking they were getting ahead in year’s past, now they’re just trying to get ahead… of the poor.

So, what should you do if you’re struggling, or just getting by, or have the feeling that you’re not getting ahead?

Get angry.

Yep. Get fed up. Get furious. Rage.

And then?

Instead of directing that anger at the usual targets that just bolster victimization, direct it where it really matters.

Here’s what I mean…

Outrage has become the new entertainment. Rather than go to the movies our out to dinner, many just sit around griping and complaining about their financial situation. They wallow in self-pity and victimization and then they go hunting…hunting for scapegoats.

That political party is to blame! That industry is to blame! That company is to blame! That relative is to blame! That country is to blame!

Get Mad At The Right Things

Friends, anger is a cheap thrill when used like this. It’s just takes a person on a one-way trip to a black hole of negativity, where other cynics have setup camp.

My advice?

Rather than get mad at what’s “out there”, get mad at you. Yep. I said it. And I’m qualified to say it.

If a poor country boy like me can rise-up out of poverty, so can you. So can you.

The first step to changing your financial situation is to reject it. Stop tolerating it. Get mad at the decisions you’ve made that led to it. Attack the bad habits of financial mediocrity. Only when you go to war with your financial situation will you start to leave it.

The next step?

Get optimistic about your future.

I’m not referring to any psycho-babble, Pollyanna happy talk. No sir.

I’m talking about adopting the deterministic, can-do attitude of the successful. You’re going to have a general life philosophy either way, and guess what? Negativity and pessimism are delinquent. They’ve never paid. Never will. Not a dime of interest. No dividend either. Nada.

And optimism? Optimism pays handsomely! It pays compound interest! Pays a fat dividend!

Optimism leads to a curious mind. A curious mind leads to learning, which is the gateway to opportunities. And opportunities change lives.

My friends, tune-out negativity in your life. Refuse to be around toxic, pessimistic people. Turn-off the political “news” shows that offer a steady drum-beat of pessimism. It’s all garbage that’s designed to keep you fearful, because fearful people will tune in again and again, just to see what new thing they should be fearful about!

Here’s The Truth, From People Who Know

And if you’re looking for something to replace all that garbage with, I recommend checking-out the latest edition of Time magazine where Bill Gates is guest editing this month. And the topic he chose to focus in the entire edition on is what? You guessed it, optimism!

Of particular note, is Warren Buffett’s article on economic optimism. As he typically does, Buffett schools the pessimists with what they hate the most – the cold, hard facts that clearly show that America’s best days are ahead of it.

Yes, they’re inequalities in this country. There always has been. There always will be.

The question is this – what are you going to do about it?

I’ve grown my net worth in every economic cycle, with every political party in power, with inflation, without inflation, and in every direction the market can make – up, down and sideways.


Because I make my own economy. That what successful people do. That’s what optimists do. They get busy. Their attitude pulls them forward, regardless of what’s happening “out there”.

Friends, there are more millionaires being created, and at a faster rate, than any time in recorded history. Yes, this economy, that all the pundits on TV will falsely tell you is horrible, is making people rich. By the thousands. By the tens of thousands.

Look, successful people know this pearl of wisdom – nothing happens to you. Nope. Things happen thru you.

If you’re going to indulge in the silly victimization that seems ever so popular right now, you’ll just get mad.  And you’ll stay stuck as ever. Any opportunities that might benefit you will fall by the wayside as they never survive going thru you, with all the pessimism.

There’s a different way and I challenge you to make 2018 the year that things happen thru you in a positive way. Make this year the year that you think big, grow big and be big. Make this year that you adopt a positive, optimistic state of mind. Because that’s the only state of mind that will deliver you to financial freedom.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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