How You Can Be Perpetually Happy And Create Truck Loads Of Financial Success For Yourself!

“You’re so happy because you have what you want!”

Boy, I’ve heard that many times.

The people that say things like this are of the belief that success precedes optimism.

How funny and yet how untrue!

Look, I can see where it’s easy to think to that way…

It’s a lot easier to be happy with a fat bank account.
It’s a lot more fun when you accomplish your goals.
It’s better to be financially free than it’s alternative.

But here’s the thing…


Optimism is not a byproduct of those conditions, it’s the opposite.

You see, a positive attitude creates success. In fact, success requires optimism.

And the reason for this is very simple. Optimism lets you see solutions to problems. It also lets you see opportunities to get ahead. It provides clarity.

Whereas the pessimists only sees “woe is me” in their challenges, the optimist sees “whoa is me!” While the words are only slightly different in those phrases, the power behind them is tremendous.

One of the most important lessons of success is that your attitude is a choice. That’s right. While you may not be able to control an outcome, you have the power to control your outlook. You also have control over your language.

I see too many people literally condemn themselves with their own words. They manifest failure in their lives with the vocabulary of “I can’t” and “that’s impossible” when they’re speaking of financial success.

You’ve heard the phrase “out of the mouths of babes”? This means that children usually tell it like it is. Sometimes this expression is actually followed by words of “comes truth”. The same is true with negative language. 

When a person uses pessimistic language (and most pessimists do!), they literally invite what they’re complaining about into their life. And the opposite is true.

When I’m asked why I’m so optimistic, my answer is quick and direct…”It pays better!”

Now that may seem tongue in check, but it’s so true.

The dividends of pessimism are misery, anxiety, worry, depression and procrastination.

And what of optimism?

Optimism pays out in the form of happiness, clarity, ease of mind, positive expectancy and being proactive.

If you look at it this way, doesn’t it make sense to choose optimism?

Of course it does.

I want to be clear here – A positive disposition doesn’t mean that you’re a Polly Anna, happy at all times. Everyone can have a tough day. What it does mean however, is that you have an ability to look at a situation and you’re able to see around that corner and see the possibility...versus only seeing the difficulty. In other words, optimism produces a tendency to take action, whereas pessimism produces a tendency to wallow. A positive attitude also creates something else vital to success, resiliency.

Everyone has points of discouragements, when they feel as if they’ve hit a wall on the road to success. What you do when you hit this wall can mean the difference between helplessness, guilt, a sense of failure, and success and feelings of accomplishment.

Friends, failure often does not stem from laziness, nor from lack of talent. It usually stems from a lack of imagination, born out of pessimism.

On the road to success, you can use the opportunity to work on developing the skills of optimism. Become aware of your attitude. Look at how you selectively focus on events. Is it with a mindset to prevail or to whine? Examine your internal dialogue; does it speak of success or of lack?

I’ll say it again…It literally pays to be optimistic. Let it start paying you today…

  • Carry yourself in a positive way and let positive mannerisms open doors of opportunity for you.
  • Speak optimistically and let your words manifest positive things for you.
  • Look on the bright side of things and let that light provide clarity to keep moving ahead. 

Have the energy of positive expectancy and let that summons success into your life. Let that positive energy take you to the good life. The financially free life.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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