Want Better Investment Returns? Aim For Average

28th March 2015 . 15 Comments

If you study Warren Buffett’s style of investing for any amount of time, you will inevitably come across his two rules of investing: #1. Never lose money and #2. Never forget rule #1. I remember my initial thoughts on reading these rules for the first time – I thought, this can’t be right. My studies of […]

The $7 Million Couch

25th January 2014 . 3 Comments

What if your spouse told you that they wanted to spend $7 million dollars on a couch? Warren Buffett is said to have had a disagreement with his late wife Suzy about her plan to spend $20,000 to renovate their home. Did he disagree with Suzy that their house needed some freshening-up? Probably not. Given […]