Are You Willing To Do Anything To Be Financially Free? Let’s See If You’ll Step Over This Line.

Unless you were born into wealth, at some point, everybody on the planet suffers from believing they don’t have enough of money.

It’s easy to get frustrated.


There’s a lot of things you may not have enough of that can cause frustration – height, hair, athletic ability – but a lack of money is the worst. A lot of time is wasted on debating whether money will make a person happy or not, but money is what pays the bills.

You need money to survive. Basics like food, transportation, and electricity all cost money. Not having enough money often means choosing between paying your rent and buying groceries.  That’s tremendous frustration.

And while most people experience this type frustration at some point in their lives, what they do about that frustration varies wildly…

You see, the feeling of money frustration is like a line in your mind, challenging you to step over it. It’s taunting you to cross it.

To do so, means that something will need to change. That something is you.

Which is why most people retreat from this frustration. They’d rather maintain the status quo with their money habits and philosophies, than push forward over the line and into new ways of thinking about money.

This reluctance to cross the line means one thing for certain…

They’ll face that same line, again and again.

Your Feelings Are Your Feelings

I often talk to couples about their money problems and financial frustrations.

Many times, these couples will tell me something that happened to them financially, then follow the story with, “Is it okay to be mad about this, or am I overreacting?” or “I know I shouldn’t be frustrated, but …” And what I always tell them is this: Your feelings are your feelings. Don’t pretend that they don’t exist. They’ll still be there anyway. Listen to them—they’ll give you useful information.

This is true of your disappointment. Instead of backing away from it or hiding it from, use it to guide you. Think of your disappointment and frustration as a sign that says “PAY ATTENTION”. Let your disappointment highlight what needs clarity—in this case, that something is wrong with your thoughts and actions towards money.

Who Are You Paying?

That phrase “pay attention” is an oddly accurate turn of words.  Yes, you literally pay for what you place your attention on.

Many use their attention “dollars” to purchase things to complain about. They literally are “buying” things that will lead to even more money frustrations – overspending, wasting time, procrastination and excuse making.

Those who get ahead financially use their attention to make valuable discoveries. They take a deep breath and push over the “frustration” line in the minds. Once they do, new thoughts and new perspectives about money come to their attention (what they paid for!). These new ways of thinking bring about new ideas, ideas that lead them to fortunes. Indeed, a new mind always precedes a new life.

How’d they cross that frustration line in their minds?

By asking courageous questions like these…

“Why am I facing the same money frustrations over and over?”

“What is it that I’m refusing to understand about my habits with money?”

“What can I do different to chance my financial circumstances?”

“How can I be better?”

I often say that the percentage change you want in your bank account, must be accompanied by a percentage change in you.

Want a 100% change in your bank balance? Then you’ll need to change you by 100%.

Want a 1,000% change in your bank balance? Great! Get busy changing you by a 1,000% and you’ll get it.

Don’t Handcuff Yourself To Misery

Friends, don’t marry your frustrations. Don’t handcuff yourself to them. I see people do this all the time…

They handcuff themselves to jobs they hate with thoughts like “I’ll stay until I use up all my vacation days” or “I’ll stay until I’ve got my pension”.

They handcuff themselves to people they hate with thoughts like “I’ll stay until the children are grown” or “I’ll stay until I meet someone better”.

They handcuff themselves to money misery with thoughts like “I’ll start saving when I make more money” or “I’ll start investing when the kids are in college”.

They handcuff themselves to ignorance with thoughts like “I’ll read that self-improvement book later when I have more time”.

Think about it.

When you’re 80 years old, are you going to be happy that you wasted your life for a few weeks of vacation? Are you going to be happy that you didn’t push thru and break those bad money habits? Are you going to be happy that you stayed in the dark financially?

The feeling of money frustration is like a line in your mind, challenging you to step over it.

Change can be hard, messy and a bit scary – whether it’s with your habits, your job, your home or your relationships – but we all need to embrace change to continue to grow.   So, look forward to whatever changes are coming down the road for you, and when you find yourself frustrated about money , cross that line in your mind. Step over to the other side. The side of financial freedom.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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