Are You Thinking Of Quitting Your Dream To Be Wealthy? Read This Before You Throw It All Away.

Teachers love to tell students that when they get older that they’ll count their high school days as the best time of their lives. And like every kid before us, we all said, “No way!” But we have to give them credit, the teachers are right on this one.

Since graduating high school, when else have you been able to hang out with your friends every day, play games, spend time exploring new interests and having a life with little responsibilities?


It was a weird feeling graduating high school – to think that the people you’ve spent most of your life up to that point would soon be going their separate ways. Many turn to their yearbooks as source of memories – of failed math tests, unbearable gym classes and countless days spent together – to reclaim a little of the glory days.

Voted Most Likely To…?

And in the spirit of making the best memories, some students use their yearbook photo caption as an opportunity to make one last confession or for the right moment to crack their favorite joke. Who can blame them, this is their time to shine. So, they choose a memorable quote that reflects their personality and one that lets their legacy live on forever.

Which brings me to this question…when you graduated highs school and were embarking on the next stage of your life, how did you expect to be remembered?

Even if you took the time to impart some humor in your yearbook photo’s caption, what were you really looking forward to back then? Of riches? Fancy cars and fancy houses? Enough money to make Scrooge McDuck blush?

Or were you planning on being remembered differently?

Something like…

Voted most likely to struggle?

The person who easily gives up?

Mr. or Ms. settle for less?

No kid, ever, said those things. Nor would they even think about putting a caption like that on their yearbook photo. Hell no.

But you wouldn’t know it. You wouldn’t know by all the very same people, who as adults, have given up.

Most Of Your High School Friends Will Quit

You see, there’s a waiting list in the graveyard of dreams. It’s miles long. People come from far away and line up, to bury their goals and aspirations. Good people. People that you went to high school with. Not some of the people you went to school with. Most of them.

Everyone has a dream. Or at least, they used to.

They tried to work for it. They tried everything they could. And yet they still see no result.

They sacrifice so many things in their life for it. They work so hard on their dream that it hurts their daily work and relationships. They already paid a good price, but they haven’t tasted success.

So now they’re beginning to believe that there is no prize at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe they had a wrong dream, maybe it is not who they are meant to be, maybe they are meant to do something else.

The only reason that kept them going until now, is that they didn’t want all the hard work and efforts in the past to go to waste.

They hesitate. They are not sure if they should keep going or turn around. Turn around and go to the dream graveyard with everyone else, to discard their dreams.

It’s Normal To Want To Quit

If you feel this way, or have felt this way, on your journey to financial success, I want you to know two things:

This is perfectly normal. Everyone thinks of quitting. Of giving up. Of just going back to the way things were when there was no pressure to succeed. That’s a siren call everyone hears on their journey. So, don’t think bad of yourself for wanting to quit.

There’s also something else that’s very normal with those wanting to achieve success…

It’s quitting.

Friends, there’s a reason we have a 99% and a 1% in this country. It’s not because people don’t have dreams. It’s because they make the choice to quit their dreams. Quitting is contagious. Quitting is common. Quitting is normal. But here’s the thing…

The people who quit will never know the reason they’re here.

The same will be true for you if you quit. You’re here for a reason and if you haven’t discovered that yet then it’s going to smack you in the face one day. You are here for a reason. Life is not meaningless. There is a point to all of it even if you haven’t discovered that for yourself yet.

Let’s not go into those overused words of purpose and vision because you’ve heard it all before in some other blog. Let’s strip it all back to one idea: you are here for a reason. Find that reason and remember this – financial freedom is not the end. It’s the means to an end. Financial freedom gives you the ability to do what you are here for.

Live The Story That You Said You’d Live

You have a story to live and one to tell. One where you achieve financial independence and go on to do cool things. Amazing things. The things that you talked about doing when you were in high school.

That’s the story you want to tell my friends. No one wants to hear the story about you giving up, most importantly you. So don’t live that story and you won’t have to tell it.

You have the power to make each day a better one for yourself. You have the power to change your life for the better. Never ever give up, instead work on your issues. Yes, struggle is a part of it. Yes, you have the right to complain. But never, never give up.

Rather than quitting, get busy writing. Write the next chapter of your personal story. Make this chapter count. Live like you’re writing this epic novel called your life because, in fact, you are. We’re all looking forward to reading it. Remember we’re all authors including you.

You have a chance today to write that year book photo caption again. What will it be? How will you be remembered?

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

P.S. Why aren’t you wealthy yet? It’s because of something you don’t know. Otherwise you’d already be rich. Isn’t it time to learn what you don’t know? Consider signing-up for my newsletter below, to help you build wealth faster.

P.S. Why aren’t you wealthy yet? It’s because of something you don’t know. Otherwise you’d already be rich. Isn’t it time to learn what you don’t know? Consider signing-up for my newsletter below, to help you build wealth faster.

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