Video: 2016 Reboot! How To Get Back On Track With Your Goals For 2016, And Do What You Set Out To Do!

Time stamp January 1, 2016:

You were on fire.

This, you proclaimed, was going to be THE year. The year that you would move ahead in a big way. The year that you would accomplish major goals in life. The year that you would show them what you are made of.

But then something happened. Distractions. Waning motivation. Excuses.

And now, just 60+ days from that initial rah-rah session, you’re as off track with your 2016 goals as ship in the dark with a broken compass.

Indeed, studies show that most 2016 goals are completely abandoned by the end of February, as goals setters simply go back to their old habits and forget about their new year’s ambitions like they were yesterday’s toast.

Well, let’s see what we can do to help you get back on track, with this short video of 17 tips that will get your wheels of progress spinning again!


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