I Want You To Keep Your Money… And That’s Why Most Wealth Bloggers Hate My Guts!

Have you noticed something different about this blog when compared to other wealth-building blogs?

Something that’s missing perhaps?

The something that’s missing, is that there’s nothing for sale on this blog. Never has been. There’s also nothing for sale that will be sent to you if you decide to subscribe to the newsletter. Never has been.

No, I’m not forcing a set of CD’s down your throat.

Or trying to get you to purchase the last seat at an upcoming workshop.

Or badgering you constantly to hire me as your mentor.

That’s all by design.

One Way Street Of Helpfulness

You see, on my journey to wealth I benefited greatly from those who were generous and kind with their knowledge and time. Most notably Warren Buffett, who you hear about in many of my blog posts.  And Buffett was helped along his journey to wealth by Ben Graham and David Dodd, who he said extended a “one-way street of helpfulness” to him.

No truer words can be spoken about my success than that of Sir Isaac Newton’s – “If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.“ So this blog is my way to give back. To pay it forward. All for free. Hundreds and hundreds of pages of articles and ebooks, all for free. My hope is that someone reading my posts can learn and possibly benefit from what I’ve learned. My goal is that this blog be a one way street of helpfulness.

But that’s very different from what I see on some other wealth-building and personal growth blogs. It seems that the blog world is littered with some of the world’s best marketers.

As such, the stories these marketers use to show the effectiveness of their wealth-building techniques are all about themselves. And they proclaim that they surest way for you to get rich is to buy something from them:

-They post an article on the 7 steps to riches and guess what the the 1st step is? To buy their wealth-building program!

-They post an article on the 5 mistakes everyone makes with money and guess what the #1 mistake is? Not buying their wealth-building program!

And so on.

Do They Care More About Your Money Or Their Money?

Now, I want to be fair here. There are some great wealth-building blogs out there sharing a lot of useful advice. However, many of them are so overtly trying to sell their readers something, that it makes you wonder – Do they care more about taking your money or are they helping you to grow your money? Are they trying to raise their own net worth or raise your net worth?

I’ve said many, many times that everything you need to learn about becoming financially free can be found for free at your local library, and of course, this blog. 🙂 In all seriousness, you don’t need to buy anyone’s $397 program or go to their expensive seminar so that they can dramatically unveil the secret path to riches . I’ve got news for you – The secret to riches is this – there isn’t a secret.

The road to wealth is well documented by those who’ve come before. Legends in the wealth-building space like Warren Buffett have shared millions of pages of information about growing money, all for free.  And if you want the equivalent of a master’s degree in wealth building, just read all of Buffett’s free annual reports. You’ll be a walking encyclopedia of wealth after that exercise!

I know that receiving some “shortcuts to wealth” by paying $27.99 can be very seductive. But ask yourself this question before buying anything – What is the incentive for the person selling something, to share how they did it? Who is to say that it can be replicated by others? And if you can make $1 million a week, why would you sell your “secret”? So you can make another $50,000 in sales? Obviously not.

You see, the people who get rich quick or by selling a “secret” usually do so by capitalizing on the desire of others to get rich quick. It’s no wonder the concept has such a bad reputation!

I believe hard work and perseverance are the best ways to achieve financial success. But let’s face the facts – some people make the same amount of money in 5 months as others take 10 years to make.

Success Leaves Free Tracks

There is indeed a strong element of knowledge to making money that goes hand-in-hand with hard work. To earn more, you must learn more.  By all means, study the successful. Learn how they got to where they are. Learn what price they had to pay. Learn what lessons they learned. Learn about their failures. Learn about their triumphs. Learn about how they manage their day. Learn everything you can from them.

But here’s the key – be skeptical when someone practically insists that you buy something from them in order to be successful. In other words, you shouldn’t have to pay for something that is readily available for free.

Remember, success doesn’t just leave tracks, it leaves free tracks. Just follow the tracks.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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