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Saving money.

For many, it’s like exercise. They love the results from it but they can’t stand the process.

So, they don’t do it.

And it doesn’t help that many wealth building “experts” actually criticize saving money.

Hard to believe, but it’s true. I see it all the time.


Most of the “experts” that criticize saving money are in the real estate investing category of wealth building, where saving money is a fly in their soup. It puts a wrench in their message about overnight riches when you need to have tens of thousands of dollars for down payments to buy properties. It would take time to save those sums, and taking time is not their message.

Other People’s Money

So, they say that saving money is for fools. It’s the slow way to do things, they harp. Just use leverage, they say. Get some OPM (Other People’s Money) and start buying properties today!

To be clear, I have nothing against making money in real estate. Although I’m primarily a stock investor I do have real estate holdings and they do quite well. Real estate investing is a great way to build wealth.

To be even more clear, I’m not entirely against using leverage either, as long as it’s done strategically. There’s a place and time for it. Even Warren Buffett has used leverage, albeit very sparingly.

What I am against is anyone promoting a message that you shouldn’t save or one that characterizes saving as passé.

Here’s why…

What you don’t see behind the glaring banners and fast talking from people who criticize saving money, are the times that all that leverage literally strangles them. In their books, videos and conferences they never talk about the times when they get behind…

The buyers don’t appear as quickly as they had planned.

The renters go look at another house to rent.

The perfect flip turns out to be the perfect flop.

Meanwhile, the bank just sent their bill. Hard for some to believe, but the bank could care less that the “all leverage” investor is in a bind. They just want their principal and interest, every month, thank you very much.

The no savers are now hurting. Other People’s Money comes with a cost. Those other people want their money back, with interest. Since they don’t have savings to fall back on, they’re left with no other choice but to borrow more money…to pay back the money they already borrowed.

“Man, if we just had some cash on hand we could get thru this”, they say. That’s right. The very guys and gals that previously looked at saving money with disdain, all of sudden wish they had saved money.

Warren Buffett has said that there’s a lot of ways a person can make mistakes financially but there’s one sure-fire way a smart person can go broke: with leverage.

Would You Give Your Money Away To Strangers?

If I ask you if you would just give your money away to strangers, what would be your answer?

Probably one of these choice phrases – Of course not! Hell no! No way, no how!

Yet most do.

You see, saving is a choice between spending money today or giving it to a stranger years from now.

Saving money pays you in retirement. Not saving money means you pay a stranger for the house you’re living in when you’re of retirement age.

Saving money pays you when you’re sick. Not saving money means you pay a stranger because you have to finance your medical bills.

Saving money pays you when you’re on vacation. Not saving money means you pay a stranger while sitting at home because you can’t afford a vacation.

Friends, let me be clear – not saving money today is telling yourself that you won’t like the future you.

Letter To Your Future Self

If you could write a letter to your future self what would you say? I can tell you that the people who don’t save would be forced to write something like this:

“Um, hello self. Must be tough there in your sixties without any savings to help you, especially since you can’t work now. I would have helped you, but I just didn’t care about you. Good luck!”

“Dear self. I’m sure you’re struggling mightily now since there’s no nest egg to help you get by. I would have saved some money to help you during this time, but you’re really not that important to me.”

“Attention self: As you are painfully aware now, I didn’t put any money back. So, those ideas you had about travelling the world and enjoying your golden years, yeah, you should forget all about that. Instead, get used to the idea of getting up early every day to go slog out another work day just to make ends meet.”

When you save money. When you take care of your retirement today, when you put money back – you get to write a different letter to your future self, one that looks like this…

“Hey there self! I’m sure you’re rocking it big time on the beach somewhere with a nice cold drink and planning your next trip to somewhere fun and exciting! It’s great to be financially free and retired isn’t it? No house payments, no money struggles, just peace and tranquility! I’m so glad I saved for us. It was the right thing to do way back then and it’s really paying off now!”

Zen Proverb: The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is now.

You could wait for next year to make a robust savings plan, or to contribute more to your retirement program. But why not focus on that today? Why not spend time now on savings, so that you can enjoy the fruit of those efforts later?

Waiting for tomorrow gives a reason not to do something today. Unfortunately, every passing day puts a person closer to the reality that there may not be money for them when they need it in the future. Savings takes time, no matter what you do or where you start. Why let today be the end of something when it could just as easily be a beginning?

Don’t listen to the knuckleheads that say you don’t need to save money. They’re most likely trying to sell you something. Save money. Put something back so that you’re in a position of financial strength, either for your investments or your retirement. Don’t sell out on you. You’re future you needs you to do this right now.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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