The Wealth Books You Should Read While You’re Stuck At Home During The Cornonavirus!

We live in strange times my friends. Indeed.

The coronavirus has gripped our nation and our world. With so many stuck inside, I thought I would offer up a recommended list of seven wealth books you should read while you’re stuck at home during the coronavirus. As a bonus, there’s also an infographic below, containing what I believe are the vital wealth-building principles found in each book.

Have you ever wondered why so many self-help books don’t seem to help? I think there are basically two reasons for this: The first is that people simply don’t take action on the information in the book. The second reason is that sometimes there’s so much information in the book, it can be difficult to focus on one main learning.  

To remedy those issues, I challenge you to not only read these books now, but to also write down one important idea that really speaks to you from each book. Then, take the next step and write 5 actions you’re going to take immediately to put that idea into practice in your own life. Remember, reading all the self-improvement and wealth books won’t make a dime’s worth of difference in your net worth if you don’t put the books’ principles into action.

Most people have extra time on their hands nowadays. I hope you’ll take some of that time and invest in you. Great minds like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates point to reading as the “game changer” in their lives. Let it also be a game changer for you. Take the time to read and get ahead. Get ahead so that you can be financially free.