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Discover What Day You’ll Quit Your Job…For Good!

9th August 2014 . 14 Comments

What day will you quit? Meaning, if you had X dollars in the bank, you could stop working. For good. Think about it for a minute. Some will say one million dollars. Another person might say five hundred thousand. While a third person will aim for ten million dollars. So, how does a person know […]

Are You Stealing From Your Best Friend?

10th May 2014 . 4 Comments

I talk a lot on this blog about the habit of saving money. This is for a good reason. I firmly believe that saving money is the cornerstone of financial freedom. It’s the starting point on the path to independence and a necessary habit for success. You see, the way to get your money to […]

How To Save Money

5th April 2014 . 3 Comments

The money that you save has a value today and a value in the future. Aside from money that you save for emergencies, or to pay for a trip or other expense, the real value of money that you save today is the value that it can provide you in the future. So, a dollar […]