Still Waiting On Superman To Rescue You? He Just Called And Left This Message For You…

I’ve hesitated writing this essay for awhile. But I just can’t sit by anymore. It’s time to say something.

What’s irking me? It’s this…

People needing to be rescued.

Grown men and women. Hardworking men and women. Smart and enabled men and women. But otherwise men and women needing someone to save them. Someone to rescue their lives. Someone to save their job.

Just last week, one of the major news organizations ran a piece about a young man getting laid off by one of the large American car manufacturers. He was dismayed because he had put all his hope and aspirations into someone rescuing him. He couldn’t understand why the local, regional and national politicians had not “saved his job”.


This person has a victim mentality. And that victim mentality will have him wait, possibly for years or maybe forever, until change happens to him.

People like this believe that the responsibility for fixing their unhappiness belongs to someone else – their company, their elected officials, their coworkers, boss, spouse or their families.

The fact is, nobody is going to save this person.

But I know who can.

You see, the best day of your life is the one in which you decide your life is your own. That you are responsible for the quality of it.

Because, I have to tell you – Superman can’t help you. He just called and left this message – “Hey, I’m busy saving another part of the world so I can’t make it. You’ll have to take care of this yourself. Figure it out. Be your own hero.”

What Superman knows is this – the responsibility for leading us to our best lives, is our responsibility and our responsibility alone.

It’s fine to have mentors, to look up to someone and feel inspired. It could be your parents, a friend, a teacher or a successful business person. It’s also fine to have role models, but when you lean too heavily on someone else to bring you to the good life, you lose sight of who you are.

If you’ve read this blog for long, you know that Warren Buffett is a hero of mine. I’ve learned a lot from him and still do. But I never once relied on Buffett to rescue me. That job was mine and mine alone. I rescued myself and earned a life of financial freedom thru my own efforts and so should you.

In other words, let others help inspire you, but work to become your own hero. Become someone you respect and admire. Look no further than your own reflection. If you don’t like what’s happening in your life, whether it be in your financial or personal life, change your way of thinking and take control of your life, and you’ll be much happier for it.

And doesn’t that make sense?

The person with the most power over our lives will always be the person looking back at us in the mirror every day.

We’re the ones who are making the decisions in our lives.

We’re the ones in charge of our thoughts, words, and actions.

Most of all, we’re the ones with the most invested in our overall happiness and well-being.

No role model, politician or mentor can make you successful. You have to do it yourself. People who are waiting on someone else to make them successful are missing out on their own.

Your life and goals are different from anyone else in the world. Why wait for someone to make a path? Your path to success is going to be different. Following someone else might just lead to failure. Lead the way and inspire yourself to achieve your goals.

Because at the end of the day, your power belongs to you.

The biggest mistake someone can ever make is choosing to give that power to someone else.

In the end, you’re the one who has to make all the choices regarding what you do with your life. You could idolize someone for years, but they’re not going to make sure you make the right choices to achieve your goals. You have to motivate yourself enough to make all the choices yourself.

Becoming your own hero means keeping our power by always taking full responsibility over the quality of our lives.

If you’re going to be your own hero, you need to remember that excuses and blaming others for the quality of our lives is a sure path to mediocrity.

It’s easy to blame your heroes when things go wrong. Maybe they weren’t particularly inspiring that week or they didn’t fulfill that campaign promise they made earlier. But know this – you’re not their responsibility. The moment you decide to be your own inspiration, you start holding yourself accountable for your actions.

If you’re the only one accountable for your success, you’re more likely to act on your goals. You don’t want to let your hero down, which means you don’t want to let yourself down. The pressure of being your own role model pushes you to work harder to succeed.

Everyone has a unique gift that is striving to come alive in them, and that is the call. After the call is answered, then comes the tests.

The tests we go through includes leaps of faith, hard work and the actions we must take to get to the life we are meant to have.

When you persevere and you don’t give up, you will emerge having grown, stretched, and expanded. You will have found something precious and unique to give to the world –
that you my friend, are your own hero.

John Goode said “…you are your own hero. Do not wait for someone to save you, rescue you or tell you that you are ok. Be the hero of your own story and never, ever let them make you the victim.”

So, don’t wait for someone to save you. Be your own hero. Save yourself. Step into your power and become the hero or heroine of your own life.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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