Many People Will Only Like You If You Fit Into Their Little Box. Be Sure To Disappoint Them!

Chances are you’ve played Tetris at some point, and if you have, you’ve definitely had the theme music stuck in your head. LOL.

Invented in the 80’s by a Russian software engineer, the game became hugely popular worldwide. Being a simple game to learn, it’s beloved by children of all ages.

What made the game so addictive, is that it only takes seconds to learn. Just fit the puzzle pieces in the right place and viola, you’re winning!

But do you remember what happens to the pieces when they do fit in?


They disappear. 

And so it is with you… if you just fit into a mold of what society tells you that you should be, you too will essentially disappear.

By disappear, I mean that you’ll just assimilate. You’ll be just like everyone else. Nothing distinguishable. Nothing noteworthy. Just like everyone else. 

And there’s a problem with that…

If you do what everyone else does, you’ll get what everyone else gets – not much:

  • Almost 3 in 10 adults have no emergency savings at all, according to Bankrate’s July 2019 Financial Security Index.
  • The January 2020 Financial Security Index survey showed that 4 in 10 U.S. adults would cover the cost of a $1,000 car repair or emergency room visit using their savings.
  • Nielsen data from 2015 showed that nearly 25 percent of families earning $150,000 a year or more lived paycheck to paycheck.

The need to fit in and be like everyone else is palpable. 

Each day, we all receive hundreds of “messages” from advertising, society, religious organizations and politicians urging us to fit into their little boxes. 

Here’s my advice: Don’t pass up an opportunity to disappoint them!

I grew up in rural Louisiana.

Poverty and financial struggle were prevalent in the tiny town where I lived.

It seemed to just be the way of life there. Like a sentence handed down from a judge.

And that would have been my sentence too had I accepted it…but I didn’t.

I rejected that mold. I refused to fit in.

And so must you if you’re going to achieve something as extraordinary as financial freedom. You must reject it’s opposite – financial mediocrity. 

Friends, the last thing this world needs is yet another conformist. 

There’s plenty of people behaving like sheep – Blowing their paychecks to impress people not worthy of knowing, taking on big mortgage and car payments just to be seen as “fitting in” and racing each other to a financial bottom.

The mediocre majority will try to convince you that something is wrong with you if you’re not like them. But from spending my entire life not fitting in, here’s what I know to be the truth…

Different is good. Damn good. 

And if you’re goal is to be wealthy, you should embrace the fact that you’ll have to not only be different from most people, you’ll need to be opposite of them.

Long time readers know that I love this phrase – Financially successful people are not just different from non-successful people. They’re opposite of them:

  • They plan and prepare for retirement, being opposite of the those that procrastinate.
  • They save and invest, being opposite of those that spend their way into financial struggle. 
  • They build huge bank accounts, being opposite of those that build big debts as they try to impress one another.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t shrink who you are, and what you deserve to be, just to make other people comfortable. They’re just trying to assuage their own lack of achievement and fulfillment in life. You achieving great things just shines a light on their own shortcomings. 

Look around you. There’s millions of examples of what not to do with your finances. Take note of how and why so many people struggle. List the very actions that cause financial heartache and then do this important next step…

Vow to be the opposite of what you observe.

Vow to do everything at odds with how you see most people managing their money.

Clash with their ideas, philosophies and ideologies.

Refuse to fit in. 

And when you do, you’ll undoubtedly face resistance. Many will scoff. Some will exclaim that it’s impossible for you to become wealthy, hoping to drown out your ambition. They’ll bemoan the fact that you’re not fitting in.

Let their words be the music of motivation for you. Let it affirm in you that you’re on the right path, the path opposite of financial struggle. The path to financial freedom. 

Don’t disappear in life like a Tetris piece. Go build your dreams. When someone tries to get you to fit in, just tell them this – You were born to stand out. 

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell

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