Launching The Monty Campbell Show! Financial Freedom Podcast, Episode #1

Financial Freedom

I launched this blog a little over a year ago and the response has been incredible, to say the least! Given the sobering statistics about personal finance and also the plethora of silly get-rich-quick schemes out there, I knew that there was a need for a common sense approach to wealth building. As the readership of the blog has really taken off, I’m excited to provide another format to you to share what I know about achieving financial freedom. My team has been hard at work in the studios making recordings and today we are launching my first podcast!

I have a question for you? What do you think motivates a person to achieve uncommon success?

Psychologists tell us that it’s either pain, the avoidance of pain, or pleasure. But I think there’s something even deeper that drives people to achieve extraordinary things. And on this podcast, I explain what it is – what I believe to be the single most important thing that separates those that have the good life from those that simply crawl through life.

Find out what that is, by clicking the play button below…

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.




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