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Infographic: Absolutely Hilarious Excuses People Have For Not Building Wealth!

5th September 2015 . 13 Comments

Do you know what’s sad? Despite all the talk about retirement planning, and all the information available to everyone on the web and in libraries, millions of people still aren’t doing anything to build wealth for themselves and secure their financial future. You know what’s even worse? Many of them give hilarious excuses as to why!  Well, not on […]

Greek Tragedy: Important Personal Finance Lessons To Be Learned From The Greek Debt Crisis

1st August 2015 . 15 Comments

Greek tragedy was a popular form of drama performed in theaters across ancient Greece. These plays were usually commissioned for competition during religious and other types of festivals, and many were re-performed and copied into scripts for ‘mass’ publication. Although each differed slightly, the plays had similar themes – a dramatic setting that deals with […]

Q&A: I Answer Subscribers Most Pressing Questions!

30th May 2015 . 10 Comments

Back by popular demand, I answer subscribers’ most pressing questions! I did the first round of questions and answers back in March and the mailbag has been filling-up, so it’s time for me to answer the most pressing questions on your mind. Without further delay, here are the latest questions from subscribers and my answers: […]

Will You Break The Law, Just To Be Financially Free?

4th April 2015 . 12 Comments

Northcote Parkinson termed the phrase Parkinson’s Law in the 1950’s. The law states that “as the supply of a resource increases, so does the demand for that resource”. Here are some common examples: Your computer’s data will expand to fill exactly the amount of storage it has available. The amount of time you have to […]

Do You Have Ostrich Syndrome About Money?

27th December 2014 . 16 Comments

Financial disaster rarely comes about overnight. Even for those devastated by a sudden, tragic event, the foundation of their collapse lies in their daily habits. Whether overcome by an unexpected experience, or living in a state of financial neglect, many people are in full-blown denial about their contributions to where they are financially. ‘How can […]

Infographic: The Seven Rules To Riches

28th June 2014 . 9 Comments

There are systems for success. Rules that every successful person follows to guarantee they will get to where they need to go. The infographic below provides the “rules to riches”, that can help accelerate financial freedom. These “secrets” are the golden principles that create wealth and make it grow.    

The $7 Million Couch

25th January 2014 . 3 Comments

What if your spouse told you that they wanted to spend $7 million dollars on a couch? Warren Buffett is said to have had a disagreement with his late wife Suzy about her plan to spend $20,000 to renovate their home. Did he disagree with Suzy that their house needed some freshening-up? Probably not. Given […]