Will You Take The Financial Freedom Pledge? The Other Declaration Of Independence.

The secret to making resolutions that actually work is also the secret to achieving freedom of any kind, especially financial freedom. So let me explain how freedom is achieved.

Freedom begins with a profound disgust with the current state of affairs. Face it, you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t dissatisfied with something in your financial life.

And disgust is a power motivator.

Disgust enables us to move away from things we don’t like, and towards things that are better for us. Indeed it is the physiological foundation of freedom.

The emotion of disgust is also very persistent. Once you associate negative feelings with an idea (for example, not being financially free), it is very hard to shake off. This is wired into our DNA. Early humans and animals who remembered that certain foods made them sick, were more likely to survive. Being disgusted made them chose differently and to take a different path.

And that’s exactly what happened with America’s forefathers. Disgusted with British rule, the colonies sought independence in 1776. After many unsuccessful attempts to reconcile their differences with Great Britain peacefully, the colonists had no choice but to declare independence.

And that brings us to the second step to achieving freedom, making a public declaration. Declaring freedom is where the story begins. Just as declaring its independence put America on a path they could not escape from, so does declaring your own financial independence.

Making a declaration is the formula for nearly every great story ever told, because it works. Once you declare your freedom, you can never go back. Here’s why – when you declare something, you pass through a “door” that guarantees a conclusion, whatever that may be. Once you are at that point, you must either fight to achieve freedom or surrender to a life of mediocrity. There’s no middle ground.

And that brings us to the call-to-action for today’s post. If you want financial freedom, you have to take it. It’s there for everyone, but so many get stuck in financial prisons of their own making and then crawl through life as a prisoner.

Today is the day to break free from those prisons. It starts with declaring your independence from financial slavery.

But before you do that, I have a few questions for you to see if you are ready:

Are you disgusted with a lack of financial freedom in your life?
Are you ready to accept responsibility for changing your financial situation?
Do you believe that achieving financial success is your duty?

If you consistently answered yes, then I invite you to take the financial freedom pledge below. If not, taking the financial freedom pledge at this point won’t make a difference. You should wait until you are fully disgusted with not being financially free and then come back to take the pledge.

What did you decide?

Are you ready to be financially free? Great! Here’s the pledge to declare your independence:

The Financial Freedom Pledge. My Personal Declaration Of Independence.
I pledge a commitment to become financially free. I know that financial freedom is not something others can give me, nor is it something that the government or the economy can provide me. Rather, financial freedom is something I insist upon achieving.

I understand that financial freedom is not determined by luck, chance, race, creed, color or religion but is dependent upon my own hard work, creativity, follow-through and persistence.

I will make informed financial decisions, understanding the difference between short-term wants and needs, and how these relate to my ultimate goal of financial freedom.

I will dissolve the bands which hold me back from living a life of financial freedom. I will refuse to create accommodations for myself, that give up my rights and personal power with money.

I will be aware of the effects of other people’s opinion and advertising on the financial decisions I make, and resolve not to be influenced by them. I won’t accede my authority or knowledge about what’s right for me financially to anyone or anything.

I won’t refuse myself the power to make financial decisions that I have the right to make. I won’t obstruct what is true about money through ignorance, prejudices or through inaction and laziness.

I will take care of my finances today by tracking expenses and creating a budget that is realistic and one that gets to me to my goal of financial freedom.

I have quartered the spending enemy in my mind. I won’t give my money power away to urgency and false importance and things that don’t align with my financial priorities. I will take care of my finances tomorrow by saving for my future.

I won’t put aside that which I have decided to be the most important goal in my life. I will continue my personal education about personal finance, investing and wealth for the rest of my life.

I won’t constrain myself with false fears and false limitations that deprive me of that which I can create for my well-being and my satisfaction in life.

I refuse to not have financial freedom. I refuse to quit prior to achieving it. I will claim my right to financial freedom.

It is now necessary to fully assert my rights to financial freedom and to insist that they be honored. I, therefore, do, in the Name, and by Authority of myself, solemnly publish and declare, that I am absolved from all allegiance to old, unsuccessful ways regarding money and do hereby dissolve all connection to them. And I do declare that I have full power to achieve financial freedom and a life of my choosing and to commit to doing that which I have a full right to do. I will achieve financial freedom.

Click here to download and make the financial freedom pledge.

Did you make the pledge? If not, what are you afraid of?

Fear has most people clenched in its grasp. Don’t let yourself be part of that group. Turn your financial fear into focus. Think about America’s founding fathers. They didn’t know what it would take either or how to gain independence from the British Empire. But they so powerfully declared their independence from an oppressive tyrant and began. Then they fought for years to win their freedom.

Imagine the courage!

What is your Declaration of Independence today? Do you need to win your freedom from a job you hate, credit card debt, or bad spending habits? Or is yours a tyrant within? Does a critical voice in your mind nag at you continually? Does it tell you that there must be a better way to live life? Do you have the courage to begin?

You can design a fresh start today by making a Declaration of Independence. It’s a powerful exercise that will help you break free of inertia and move your life forward, toward financial freedom.

Today, just like every day, is the first day of the rest of your life. I know this sounds cliché, but it’s true. Taking the first step in anything is hard (like dieting and exercise), and it certainly holds true when it comes to financial freedom.

The foundation to financial well-being starts with action. And action starts with disgust of the current state of affairs. Are you disgusted enough yet to make this the year you declare your independence?

Pledge to be financially free.

Click here to download and make the financial freedom pledge.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.