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Do You Ask Yourself “Million Dollar” Questions Or Just “Hundred Dollar” Questions? Find Out Today!

23rd April 2016 . 15 Comments

Ask a stupid question and you’ll get a stupid answer. Most people would agree with that statement, especially when someone is asking you a stupid question! But what if the tables were turned? What if instead, you ask yourself stupid questions? Guess what? You’ll also get stupid answers. You see, people often don’t ask questions […]

Seven Things To Never Say If You Want To Become Financially Free

15th August 2014 . 6 Comments

There’s a power in words. Especially words spoken by us, about ourselves. They manifest. And when they manifest, they can either create or they can destroy. Indeed, what we say to ourselves plays a critical role in either helping us or hurting us, in achieving success. I have a question for you – how well […]