The Definitive Guide To Knowing When You Should Abandon Your Goal To Become Financially Free

We are nearing the end of another year and soon there will be talk everywhere about setting New Year’s goals.

I’m a big advocate of goals. I use them and I encourage others to use them. But as of recently, I’ve had some feedback from readers about giving up on their goal to become financially free. Many people will start on the journey towards financial freedom, and for some reason or another they have this urge to quit. You may have run into this yourself and wondered at what point can you give yourself permission to quit?

Good question.

And here’s the answer…

You should give up on a goal like financial freedom when you realize that you’re not willing to become the person who achieves a goal like that.

Blunt? Yes it is, but that’s the truth and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not here to sell you something. Rather, I’m here to help you and nobody is ever helped with a lie, even a convenient lie.

The late motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, “Success is something you attract by the person you become.”

To Be Or Not To Be

If you want success and all that it brings, you have to become a better person. Period. “Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development,” Rohn once said. The personal development he referred to can be knowledge, experience, mindset or beliefs.


And here’s the problem with goals and personal development. When it comes to goals, many people state them as “to” goals. They plan “to” run a marathon. They plan “to” lose weight. And they plan “to” build wealth.

See what’s missing here?

It’s a mistake to believe that goal setting simply means putting a goal on paper, setting a date for completion, marking off checkpoints as they occur and then starting all over again. Such a mentality hinders people from success, because a worthwhile goal isn’t a one-time thing that you eventually scratch off a list. Setting a goal like achieving financial freedom is really about changing yourself for the long-term. Goals aren’t short-term, quick-fix things; they are fixed and immovable destinations that show the world who you plan to become.

Goals Shouldn’t Let You Rest

You see, serious goal achievement is about creating yourself – whoever you would like to be. If your goals only require you to use your current level of self-improvement, then you’ll never get to a level of uncommon success. I realize that goals like these are easier but easy problem solving doesn’t make someone great. Great problem solving makes someone great.

So when you are looking for goals to achieve, remember that they should be big enough and hard enough to be worth being achieved by who you are becoming. The size and quality of the obstacles you face determine what the level of your greatness will be. As Jim Rohn said, “Don’t wish things were easier, wish that you were better.”

Once you achieve a significant goal like financial freedom, you will not be the same person you were when you set out on the journey. I guarantee that. The process of achieving a goal like that and the experience you have gained will have changed you. This is why the journey is the reward.

You see, financial freedom is not just a thing you have; it is a lifestyle you lead. Adopting that lifestyle is the key benefit.

How many people actually make the necessary sacrifices and do the hard work required to become financially free? I can tell you that it’s not nearly as many as the number who set that goal.

And for those that do taking those steps, it changes both their bank account and their mind. The reward is not just the tangible change in your financial status. It is the journey that has given you improved discipline, willpower, discernment and critical thinking abilities. Rohn also said this – “Everyone should set a goal to become a millionaire, for what it makes of you to achieve it.”

For what it makes of you.

One more time – for what it makes of you.

Now, if that sounds a little too “new age” for you, let me tell you that when you set goals for the purpose of developing yourself as well as the physical symbol of success, you are more likely to achieve them. That’s a fact. You may need the physical symbol to drive you and to measure your progress and that’s perfectly fine, but know this – the changes in yourself are as deeply satisfying as the actual physical success you receive.

So, if you’re on the journey to financial freedom and you’re finding it hard going and want to quit, know that it’s a sign that you’re on the right track. As Stephen Pressfield explained in his book The War of Art: “Rule of thumb: The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” Now, what determines if you forge-on or quit because of that resistance will come down to this question…

Who Will You Become?

Will you become the type of person who is financially free? The type of person who has no worries about money? The type of person who does what she wants with her own time? The type of person who has secured his family’s financial future? The type of person that can finally tell the boss what she really thinks? The type of person who is no longer a paycheck hostage? Are you willing to become this person?

To accomplish something you have never accomplished before, you must be willing to do what you’ve never done before; go where you’ve never been before; and yes, become someone you’ve never been before.

Don’t let anything stop you. Not the resistance, not the obstacles, not your self-doubt, or your circumstances, or the length of the journey, or your past failures.

If your soul has resolved that it will not rest until your dream of becoming financially free is your reality, then don’t quit. Keep going. Put in the necessary work, get the help you need, keep improving and most importantly – keep going. Eventually, you will get there. But only if you don’t quit.

Be free. Nothing else is worth it.

Financial Freedom Monty Campbell


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